Guide to Online Casinos in Wisconsin: The Best Wisconsin Casino Sites for 2021

Online Casinos in Wisconsin
Online Slots Illegal
Online Roulette Illegal
Online Blackjack Illegal
Live Casino Illegal

The current status of Wisconsin casino sites is rather bleak. The state has been progressing in previous years with the introductions of tribal and commercial venues, however, the hosting of an online casino from within Wisconsin is still categorically illegal by the state. Despite this there is bright sines for residents, debates are ongoing and we’re going to look in detail throughout this page how far they have progressed towards a fully legitimized online casino industry. We’ll also take a tour through the history, and culture of gambling in the Badger State.

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Available Casino Games in Wisconsin

Despite the absence of a legal online casino market within the state of Wisconsin, residents are able to access casinos hosted in other parts of the country without any repercussion. Games can also be played at the many brick and mortar venues throughout the Badger State. These are primarily located on land belonging to the Native communities and fall under the federal legislation enabling tribal communities to flourish and provide some economic reprieve.

  • Craps: roll the dice of this classic French game to win big!
  • State Lottery: has been a big part of Wisconsin since the late 80’s.
  • Blackjack: the USA’s favorite card game is available at Tribal casinos.
  • Poker: card rooms exist across the state and are frequently visited.
  • Slots: one of the biggest revenue streams for casinos in the state.

Biggest State Land-Based Casinos

The story of gambling in Wisconsin is long and varied. The state used to be the home of plenty of horse racing venues, but in the 1990’s all of that changed. A Supreme Court decision allowed land controlled by tribal communities to build brick and mortar casinos, and since that watershed law passed, there are more than 30 separate casino venues statewide. But like most mid-western states, it’s sparsely populated and many residents live hours away from the legalized gambling zones. This inconvenience continues to give momentum to an intrastate online casinos network.

  1. Potawatomi Carter Casino Hotel: 618 WI-32, Wabeno, WI 54566
  2. Ho Chunk Hotel: S3214 County Hwy BD, Baraboo, WI 53913
  3. Grindstone Creek Casino: 13394 W Trepania Rd, Hayward, WI 54843
  4. Menominee Casino: Our Children’s Rd, Keshena, WI 54135
  5. Thunderbird: W106 County VV, Keshena, WI 54135

History of Casino Gambling in Wisconsin

To say that Wisconsin has a long a illustrious relationship with United States online casinos would be completely false. The Badger State only dabbles in gambling, like many of the mid-western territories it relies on the small areas of land controlled by tribal communities to house the great casinos that residents can access. Commercial casino companies have been blocked from establishing their business in the state, but with the recent Supreme Court decision favoring the free market liberal agenda, we could witness a revival of the industry and many new online casino opportunities presented for Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Casino Laws History and Facts
1965 The first whiffs of gambling are introduced to the Badger State. The state legislature passes an amendment to the law allowing residents to promote and advertise gambling within the state for the first time.
1973 After the initial seeds of excitement for gambling had been sown, the state decided that another amendment was due. This time bingo was in the spotlight, and in 1973 the state decided that they would legalize the game of bingo, with large cash prizes on offer for winning individuals.
1977 With the precedent officially set by the introduction of bingo in Wisconsin, the state decided to legalize raffles. Raffles were contests were players buy tickets with a chance to win high-value items or cash prizes.
1987 Following the successful implementation of bingo and raffle legislation the state legislature now aimed to make its most ambitious move yet. In a watershed moment for Wisconsin gambling, the state legislature approved the establishment of a state lottery. At the same time approval came for the horse racing tracks to begin offering odds and accepting bets on a pari-mutuel basis.
1988 Following the passing of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act in 1988 the state granted the opportunity for local tribes to negotiate terms for land-based casinos outside the states existing legal framework on commercial casinos. This immediately led to licenses being granted to 11 tribes and today there are some 23 brick and mortar casino locations in native reserves of Wisconsin.
1993 The final nail in the coffin was dealt in 1993 for any hope of online gambling being written into legislation. In the new clarification, all forms of gambling in Wisconsin except pari-mutuel horse racing betting, lottery, raffles and bingo are outlawed and classified as illegal.

Casino Gambling Age in Wisconsin

One of the most important considerations any regulatory body must consider is the protection of young people when a legal framework for gambling is introduced. The current position of most states in the country is that 18 years is the legal limit to allow someone to enter a casino, but several locations insist on 21 years. If you are between these two ages and planning to make a trip, it is worth checking beforehand to avoid disappointment.

  • Online Casino Age
    Online casinos in Wisconsin are illegal. But 18 year old Wisconsin residents can access a network of intrastate casinos hosted in legalized jurisdictions.
  • Alcohol Age
    While alcohol does remain a large part of the social fabric of the communities in Wisconsin, individuals must be aged 21 and over to partake.
  • Weed Age
    With legalized marijuana now being approved by the Supreme Court several states have gone that direction. Wisconsin however still outlaws the herbal plant.

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

With the absence of a truly established Wisconsin online casino framework, there remains the problem of responsible gambling abuses. Local state authorities have not received the funding or overhaul to deal with a problem as complex and dangerous as gambling addiction. With the introduction of a new legal framework for online casinos, there will be an increasing drive to protect players, and rehabilitate addicted players with the same care and seriousness as alcoholics and drug addicts.

Can I Play Without Deposit?

Any player that is seeking to make a quick bet without any financial commitment will be hard pressed to find an online casino that will allow you to play without making any deposit. There is a possibility to make free games at online sites offering you a trial period. In this scenario you’re essentially playing with fake money and just experiencing the casino from the outside. To gain any form of bonus or credits with a land based casino in Wisconsin you’ll need to make a sizeable deposit on your first visit.

Upcoming Casino Regulation and Expected Changes

For Wisconsin online casinos to be given the legal framework they need, the 1993 classification from the state legislature will need to be overturned. If commercial casino brands are given the same rights as the tribal casinos, then online gambling could emerge within the state. However, forging a convincing argument that will grant an exemption for online gambling for commercial casinos will be difficult, and this could still be some years away. The current direction of the industry in Wisconsin is focused on horse racing, and there is very little demand or motivation within the Badger State to upset the status quo by introducing legalized online casinos.

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