Parx Casino Shippensburg Receives Permission to Host Satellites Near the University of Pennsylvania

April 17, 2021 John Isaac

Parx Casino’s parent organization Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment has received local clearance to open its Pennsylvania gambling site in the Shippensburg community.

Parx Casino Online Will Soon Be Available in Pennsylvania The Shippensburg community’s board of directors voted consensus 3-0 to grant Greenwood a limited use permit. It allows the gambling providers to continue with their plan. Greenwood holds and manages Parx Casino, the biggest government-owned gambling club north of Philadelphia in Bensalem.

Greenwood plans to develop the Parx trademark gambling bar, bookmaker, and hotel in a past Lowe property in Shippen Towne Centre. The plan includes a 77572 square foot court with a gambling lounge, 30 board games, and 600 slot machines.

The rest of 62000 square feet of the old house renovation shop will be holed for later improvement, possibly for new hotels and shops.

As per local law, Greenwood can now continue with the open session with the Pennsylvania Gambling council. This gathering is listed for May 20th due to its government-released gambling permit. In 2018, Greenwood received a Category 4 satellite gambling permit. The company won the auction rights for an 8.1M Dollars bid.

Safety Comes First, according to Thomas Bonner

The Commonwealth communities were able to prevent their cities and districts from building satellite gambling casino zones. However, the Shippensburg community decided to do completely the opposite.

Shippensburg is the right place for Greenwood for lots of factors.

There are lots of the state’s universities there and is located right next to Interstate 81. It is the main highway connecting Tennessee with New York State and the Canadian border.

It is located right next to the campus of Shippensburg University and drew issues about safety. According to officials of Parx, safety is paramount.

Thomas Bonner said that they will do everything possible to ensure that the casino is safe as soon as they open it. He also said that he believes this is one of the most secure casinos.

The casino is expected to have a yearly financial impact of 43M dollars and create 100 full-time employees with an average salary of 40k dollars per year plus other benefits.

More about the Local Benefits

The casinos are subject to a similar GGR duty as the big Category 2 elements. Slot machines distribute 54% of their winnings in taxes, while 4% remain in the guest area. Board game income is taxed at 14%, and 4% remains in the guest area.

Parks believes that the Shippensburg community will get 1.8M dollars yearly from slot machines and board games. Local authorities will get extra cash from the casino in the form of taxes on the sale of food, real estate, and drinks.

This casino is one of five satellites casino. Penn National Gaming hosts two satellites, one in Morgantown and one in York. Entrepreneur Ira Lubert has associated for the 5th time with the new Bally’s Corporation.

For those who are not familiar, Bally’s Corporation is a gambling company with headquarters in Rhode Island. However, it has 12 casinos and racetracks in various states around the US.

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