The GambleAware Study Acknowledges Serious Variations in Online Gambling in the UK

March 22, 2021 John Isaac

GambleAware has released the results of its “interim research” directed by the National Center for Social Research (NatCen) on gambling with nearly 140,000 active accounts.

A Picture of Tower Bridge in the UKThe objective of the study, conducted between July 2018 and June 2019, was to give betting stakeholders a better awareness of the behavior and habits of online gambling consumers.

The information collected in collaboration with University of Liverpool professors Ian McHale and David Forrest is considered to be the most complete information about online gambling transactions available for research purposes.

In the G7 Online Operators Survey, key findings explain that most online gaming accounts were rarely used and spend at low cost during the survey period.

More about NatCen Report

According to NatCen, “85% of gaming accounts spent less than 200 pounds on gambling between July 2018 and June 2019, while 90% of gaming accounts had a total profit or loss of fewer than 2500 pounds over the same period.

The report also found an important difference with the spending and gambling habits of a small subset of accounts that were heavily used and resulted in significant losses for players.”

The trend towards high gaming activity on a small subset of accounts has a meaningful influence on overall gaming performance GGY in the UK.

The study found that 0.7% of accounts managed for sports gambling and 1.2% of accounts managed for gaming lost more than 5k pounds or more during the year.

After presenting a breakdown of the main expense accounts, NatCen found that 0.1% of accounts over 20k pounds were lost during the reporting period, while 0.1% of accounts were lost during that period. There was also an increase in accounts by 0.2% and from 5000 to 9999 pounds sterling from 0.4 % Score.

Analysis of market activity showed that the 5% of online accounts with the most crucial losses made at least 70% of gross gaming yield (GGY) for each of the bets, slot machines, casinos, live casinos, and virtual ones.

The Demographic Trends in the UK Gambling Industry

The NatCen finding included additional details on safer betting experiences, with approximately 4% of accounts making personal contact with support for social responsibility reasons.

While for players who reported losses over 2k pounds, the survey found that about 36% of accounts were contacted during the year, and 0.85% experienced face-to-face calls from customer service teams.

Account-holders have recognized that setting deposit limits is the safest and most widely used gaming tool. About 22% of accounts have access to this option, while self-exclusion features are implemented in only 2.3% of accounts.

The NatCen study also gave an analysis of demographic trends in the UK gambling industry, with each age group looking at the average male gambler who bet two to five times the average female gambler.

Other strong contrasts were observed for “game patterns,” for which NatCen indicated that “night play” was connected with much higher spending rates across all games.

Dr. Sokratis Dinos analyzed and ranked this study as a unique source of data on how gamers gamble in the UK and offer many chances to better figure out people’s betting habits.

These intermediate results are only a first step, and additional research will give a better chance of understanding the risk factors related to betting behavior.

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