German Casino Industry Hits Its Highest Peak Since 2007

January 30, 2020 John Isaac

Germany recorded its highest gross gaming revenue in more than a decade. The income from 2019 revealed the steady strides the country’s gambling industry has made to revive the glorious sector.

Spielbank casino center

Berlin’s SpielBank Casino © Spielbank

According to last year’s reports, companies posted a 26.5% increase in gross gaming revenue. The attendance rates shot up by 13% across the country marking the highest figures since 2007. The tremendous rise in popularity is credited to robust investment by casinos boosting public opinion on the sector which went onto its knees in 2008.

According to the German Gaming Association CEO Otto Wulferdig, the country has made a tremendous investment in the gaming sector over the years and the new figures are just the initial results from this effort.

The results just come in at the time when the 16 German states have settled on a Joint Online Gaming Treaty, which facilitates for interstate gambling regulation.

Mr. Wulferdig also added, “We invested a lot in the gaming culture and game security last year. Visitors to the casinos recognize this. Gross gaming revenue (BSE) of state-licensed casinos in Germany increased by 25.6 percent compared to the previous year. It rose to €860.263m. This brings us roughly back to the level of income we had 12 years ago, we have finally bottomed out since 2007 and the following decade.

“The general conditions for stationary money and gambling have changed. However, illegal online game providers remain operating without actual regulation. They continue to grow disproportionately. However, the growth of the casino sector shows that we are on the right track when we provide gambling to the public – reliably and comfortably. Because state-licensed casinos deliberately offer leisure entertainment in a pleasant atmosphere with other players. The game here feels good, the players feel comfortable and safe. We assume that our competence must extend into the digital world so that the game also runs online in a regulated manner, as required by the state.”

Of notable improvement are slot games which accounted for 32% of the increase translating to €700.1m while Roulette, Black Jack and Poker had a collective GGR of €160.130m, up from €153.742m in 2018.

Hero Gaming Plans To Introduce Boom Casino

Online gaming company Hero Casino has announced plans to introduce a game-changing Boom Casino.

The company already boasts of famous brands such as Speedy Casino, Speedy Bet and Casino Heroes, which will introduce the new brand in February.

Georg Westin, the founder of Hero Gaming and CEO of Hero Gaming Sweden, discussed the new introduction: “Hero Gaming is the company behind many successful gaming products and innovations in the past five years and in our new flagship brand, we are taking all of our experience and combining it with player interviews and feedback to set a new standard for what a casino experience can be.

“The focus of this unique and slick interface is to package the rich game experience, together with simplicity, partnered with cutting edge technologies. This combination creates a smooth interface that gets you playing the games you want faster and easier, be it playing on your computer or on your mobile.”

He added: “Boom has a unique ‘my games’ section where you can select which you want to play the most. You can even choose dynamic games tiles, such as so it always shows the latest game release from your favorite game provider.

“In the beautiful games section, it is easy to use the dynamic search and filters to find games with a specific function of course for both RNG and live casino games.“ Boom offers detailed information about each game and professional tips as to what is critical to win and have the most fun. Many games can also be played in the Hero Gaming innovation blitz mode.

“In Boom, we think that loyal players shall be appreciated, no matter if winning and losing. That’s why we introduced the infinite boom loyalty system that quickly shows how you are progressing and what to expect. Many fun moments will be happening here.”

“These are just a few of the fantastic features in Boom, and we invite everyone to experience our dream of the best online casino experience in the world.”

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