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MMA and Boxing Betting Guide

Boxing is a rough sport and is popular for a long time ago. Nowadays, MMA is another fierce sport that also gains extreme popularity among the audience. Read our Boxing and MMA betting guide to get more details on those two sports. You will learn the most interesting hints on how to bet on boxing and MMA matches.

The rules of those combat sports are not so difficult, but there are quite many predictions that you have to make. Our boxing and MMA guide will help you to understand the most important aspects of those sports and will help you to make better predictions. This will help you place better wagers and get an advantage throughout your favourite boxing and MMA matches.

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So, if you would like to get into the sports betting action and enjoy a great gambling experience with your favourite boxing and MMA, then head up to the next paragraphs. Below, we will explain to you in details the boxing and MMA betting rules that you will need to know.

Betting Rules of Boxing and MMA

In general, if you are eager to bet on boxing and MMA, you should know that it is not difficult at all as the rules of both sports are simple. However, be sure that you will have quite many betting possibilities. You can bet on which opponent will throw more punches during the match or whether the victory will come with a knockout, technical knockout, submission (in MMA), etc.

To better describe to you the boxing and MMA betting rules, we prepared the table below. Here you will find out what are the various betting options that you will find across the top MMA and boxing betting sites. Some of the betting rules are also common for other sports too but will be perfect for your favourite sports that we are talking about in this guide.

Rule Explanation
Bet on Мore Тhan Оne Сelection Boxing and MMA are very unpredictable sports that require lots of attention on behalf of punters as you never know who will be the winner and how the next matches will rearrange. This is why it is good to have a chance to make better predictions depending on various criteria.
Pre-Match Live Betting A good option that quite many sports betting platforms nowadays offer is the chance to place your bet at a specific moment throughout the game. Thus you will be able to keep an eye of your fighter’s behaviour and make a better prediction of the eventual outcome.
Use the Cashout Feature When Needed The cash out is one of the most attractive betting features that many players want to use. It will give you the chance to draw back part of your bet if you decide that the given boxing or MMA match will have an unfavourable outcome for you.
Try to Avoid Outrights In dynamic sports such as boxing and MMA, predicting the outright winner is sometimes quite difficult. Things can turn over at any time during the match. Everyone has witnessed matches where a given fighter is supposed to be the absolute winner until his opponent takes him down in just seconds.
Make a Good Odds Comparison Online sportsbooks always compete to offer better odds to players. Usually, the most popular sports have better odds. Boxing and MMA fall into this category too. This is why you should carefully compare the odds to be able to place a good bet.

Using the hints that we gave you in this section, you will be able to make better predictions. Those boxing and MMA betting strategies will offer you the chance to improve your gambling skills and have better chances of winning. Thus the online MMA betting and punting on boxing will be as thrilling as possible and you will learn how to make a good balance between the available betting features.

Boxing and MMA Betting Types

Every sport has specific betting types. This is the case with boxing and MMA too. However, deciding which betting type you should pick is not an easy task. Each has certain specific and you can get the advantage of it. But first, you should be completely aware of the possible chances. There are quite many possible betting lines that you could use if you decide.

For your convenience, in our boxing and MMA betting guide, we will present to you the most important betting types for boxing and MMA. They will be most suitable for the majority of punters and will give you quite good gambling opportunities. Without wasting any time, check the table below to explore the most attractive boxing and MMA betting types.

Betting Type Explanation
Over/Under This betting type is quite popular in boxing and MMA. The two sports there is a certain number of rounds. Depending on the category and the skills of the two opponents, bookmakers set an over/under average on one of the rounds. If you bet that the match will end before the settled round, your bet is considered under and over if the match ends after the settled round.
Money Lines This is the most popular and used betting type in combat sports. It is a bet on simply who will win the fight. However, this type of bet requires you to have a good understanding of these sports and to constantly keep track of the players’ performance.
Draw This is a type of bet in both boxing and MMA matches where you can bet on a draw. Although it is quite a rare outcome in a combat sport, still it can occur when the two opponents are highly ranked and skilled.
Parlay Bet This is a type of bet with multiple selections. This means that you can pick for example three fighters and make a parlay bet if you think that they all will win on their matches. Thus, you can increase the payout odds.
Open Parlay This type is more common in MMA matches and allows you to use the option to leave spots open. You don’t have to make a selection right away, but you have to fill in the spots before you complete the bet. The open parlay is useful when you want to bet on several fights but you have not yet decided what would be your selections.
Prop Bets Depending on the matches, bookmakers will allow you to make the so-called proposition bets. For example, you can make prop bets on the exact number of rounds or whether a fighter will win by a knockout, TKO or a decision. You can also bet on over/under on punches thrown or landed or how much time a fighter will be knocked down.
Round Betting This betting type is quite popular in MMA fights and quite many operators will offer you the chance to bet on which round the match will end. With this betting type, the winning odds are usually higher.
Method of Victory MMA is a complex combat sport and there quite many ways to win. This is why this betting type will offer you the chance to bet on whether the fight will be won by a knockout, TKO, submission, decision, etc.
Live Betting Betting live on combat sports is quite thrilling and a good opportunity to benefit from a higher winning odds. There aretwo main types of live boxing and MMA betting – in between the rounds and throughout the match.
Handicap Betting This is a less popular betting type in boxing and MMA but can still give you quite good opportunities. This is the case where the bookmaker offers odds by giving a certain fighter more or less amount of points before the fight. With this type of bet, the odds are usually lower, compared to the money line bets.

These popular boxing and MMA betting types will give you quite a good idea of how to bet on boxing and MMA and take advantage when you decide to place your bets on your favourite sports events. A good sports betting guide is what you need to get aware of the important details and this is why we have carefully examined the boxing and MMA betting types for you.

Most Popular Boxing and MMA Betting Terms

Every sport has its specific betting terminology. If you would like to bet on boxing and MMA, you should be aware of the specific terms to make better predictions and to place a more profitable bet. In the sections below of our dedicated boxing and MMA betting guide, we have outlined the most important boxing and MMA betting terms.

  • Accumulator – This term is used across many other sports, not only in boxing and MMA. It refers to the chance to place a bet on multiple selections. Accumulator bets are also called “Parlay” bets. However, if you want your bet to be winning, it must be a correct prediction.
  • Handicap – What is interesting with the handicap bets is that bookies may give certain points to a specific fighter with the idea to balance the two opponents. Usually, additional points will be given to the fighter that is more likely to lose the fight.
  • Live Betting – It is also known as IN-Play betting. This is the case when you can place your bet in between the rounds or during the fight. It gives you a better chance to predict the probable outcome of the fight and place a winning bet.

These are one of the major terms if we are talking about online betting on boxing and MMA. Usually, skilled gamblers are well aware of the details and the possibilities that the different betting options can offer. At the same time, those who are not experienced enough can check out the terms and be aware in advance.

Boxing and MMA Odds and Payouts

Without a doubt, throughout the different online MMA and boxing betting sites, you can find quite attractive odds. However, have in mind that odds will depend on the league and also the given online bookie. Nonetheless, the top boxing betting sites examine carefully the odds that are given by other bookies, thus trying to give better ones. In other words, it is always good to compare the boxing and MMA betting odds before choosing the betting site to place your bets on those two combat sports.

The eventual payouts that you can take advantage of are also quite important. The payout percentage usually depends on the different boxing and MMA leagues and tournaments. Have a look at the table below where we have outlined the most popular boxing and MMA tournaments and the average payouts for them.

League/Tournament Nation Continent Payout %
Heavyweight Worldwide Worldwide 92.49%
Cruiserweight Worldwide Worldwide 93.63%
Super Welterweight Worldwide Worldwide 90.12%
UFC Worldwide Worldwide 95.18%
KSW Worldwide Worldwide 92.52%
PFL USA Northern America 92.44%
Invicta Worldwide Worldwide 93.31%
Oktagon Worldwide Worldwide 92.42%

As you might notice, the payouts in boxing and MMA betting are reasonably good, although not as high as those at other popular sports. Nonetheless, they are well-balanced and can still give you a good chance to secure better winnings if you have made placed good bets.

Boxing and MMA Leagues and Championships

There are quite many boxing and MMA leagues and tournament that you can bet on. Of course, some are more popular than others, but still, you can get an advantage of them. In boxing, the heavyweight division is most popular, followed by the middleweight. The Professional Fighting League (PFL) is one of the most popular MMA tournaments.

Boxing is quite popular around the world and matches take place in many locations around the globe. MMA is also popular in many continents. The most attractive boxing and MMA tournaments are held in countries such as the USA, the UK or Germany. Check the most important boxing and MMA leagues and tournaments in the section below.

World Boxing Association (WBA)

The WBA was first founded in 1921. It was first formed as NBA (National Boxing Association) to be a National Regulatory Body in the USA. Later in 1962, the NBA became the WBA. According to the championship rules of the WBA, a given boxer can be titled as “Unified Champion” if he also holds a title of the same division of one of the other three major championships.

World Boxing Council (WBC)

The WBC was founded in 1963 in Mexico. It was formed to be a major international regulatory body. Many of today’s safety measures in boxing were established by the WBC. One such measure was limiting the number of rounds form 15 to 12. This also leads to changes in some of the boxing betting rules too.

International Boxing Federation (IBF)

The IBF was first created in 1976 but was first named the United States Boxing Association. Later, in 1983, an international division was formed – the United States Boxing Association-International (USBA-I) from members of the WBA. In 1984, the USBA-I was renamed to IBF.

World Boxing Organization (WBO)

The WBO was founded in Puerto Rico in 1988. In the beginning, the WBO titles were not recognized widely, until 2012, when the Japan Boxing Commission recognized the governing body officially. Then, the WBO gained a similar status as the other major boxing regulatory bodies.

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

The UFC is one of the most famous American promotion company related to MMA fights. It was founded in 1993 and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. An interesting fact to mention is that the current rules of the UFC were initially established by the New Jersey Athletic Control Board.

Bellator MMA

The Bellator is a major mixed martial art promotion company. It is one of the biggest international promotion companies in combat sports. It was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Hollywood, California. In the beginning, Bellator tournaments included weight classes from bantamweight to heavyweight.

M-1 Global

The M-1 Global is also known as MMA-1. It is based in Russia. The number of competitions that it organizes per year is between 10 and 20. The first competition organized by the M-1 Global was held in 2009. The M-1 Challenge is a major international competition that is broadcasted in many countries around the world but mainly in Russia and Europe.

Best Boxing and MMA Betting Sites

If you are eager to bet on boxing and MMA, you’d better choose the most trusted online MMA betting and boxing websites. They will provide you with the necessary betting features and options. Besides, they meet the highest security standard to offer you a secure gambling environment.

Below, we will present you the top 5 boxing and MMA online bookmakers for 2021 that will offer you the best betting opportunities.

Welcome Bonus Pros and Cons Test Score Trusted Link
$100 Various Betting Market Many Payment Methods Many Account Restrictions 4.95/5
$250 Attractive Offers Convenient Customer Support Not Many payment Methods 4.90/5
$150 Top Betting Options Variety of Payment Systems Less Bonus Offers 4.85/5
$200 Excellent Mobile App Strong Reputation Not Very Good Navigation 4.80/5
$30 Various Live Streaming Events Top Security Features Not Very Responsive Mobile App 4.75/5

The online boxing and MMA betting sites that we have listed above have well-managed betting platforms. However, apart from the top MMA sites you can also bet on other US sports such as the NFL, NBA, MLB and more.Both experienced gamblers and those who are not skilled enough will find various punting opportunities. We have made our selection based on the boxing and MMA betting options that they offer. Those sites rank on top positions. However, you can also find other gambling opportunities with teh best horse racing sites too.

Bookmaker Offers & Bonuses

Without a doubt, the top boxing and MMA betting sites that we listed above can offer you quite good betting opportunities. But what can boost your gambling experience is the presence of attractive bonus offers. The best boxing and MMA betting offers will help you in your betting session, and you will be able to get better advantage of the top boxing and MMA betting websites.

To get the best of your gambling experience, be sure to make a good comparison between the top boxing and MMA betting promotions. Each bonus offer comes with specific wagering conditions. To make your choice easier, we have selected the online boxing and MMA betting sites that offer the best promotions.

Boxing and MMA Betting Site Bonus* Wagering Requirement Min Odds Min Deposit Top Payment Method T&C
Betway Up to $30 1x 1.75 $10 Visa
Unibet Up to $250 1x 1.33 $10 PayPal
William Hill Up to $150 1x Bonus + Deposit n/a $10 Discover
Bet365 Up to $100 1x 1.20 $10 Paysafecard
888sport Up to $200 1x 1.50 $20 MasterCard

Our top recommended boxing and MMA betting offers can pretty much improve your online boxing and MMA betting skills. Those offers will be suitable for a different type of players. The best thing about them is that they have reasonable wagering requirements which makes them perfect for betting on sports such as boxing and MMA.

Live Boxing and MMA Betting

Live boxing and MMA betting can offer you a great opportunity. The most thrilling part is that you can place bets in between the rounds or throughout the fight. Thus, you can make a better prediction os the probable outcome and place a better bet. Below, we have presented you the online operator that offers the best possibilities for live boxing and MMA betting.

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If you would like to explore more live betting possibilities, don’t hesitate to check out our dedicated football sports betting guide. Meanwhile, consider the chance to take advantage of the live boxing and MMA betting feature at the online MMA betting and boxing sites. The live betting feature is among the most popular ones and is used by many players.

Boxing and MMA Betting Apps

One of the most exciting trends in the iGaming industry nowadays is mobile gambling. The best boxing and MMA betting sites are now fully mobile compatible to offer to their clients the possibility to use their services on the go. And quite many of them offer dedicated mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.

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The mobile apps have to be developed with the idea to provide players with the same gambling features and options and keep the high-level of performance at the same time. Mobile apps will guarantee you that your gaming experience on the go will be as good as possible.

What better than the chance to be able to bet on your favourite boxing and MMA matches through your mobile phone or tablet? Using a mobile boxing and MMA betting app to bet on the go has quite many advantages and the most important of them is that you can bet whenever you want, at any time that you want.

New Betting Sites

Many of the new online gaming platforms compete in offering good services. And most of them will also offer you the chance to bet on boxing and MMA. However, keep in mind that you should always consider the most important criteria when choosing a new betting site. This will guarantee your safe gambling session.

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First of all, you should always check the security features of the new betting sites. And second, they should offer you enough good opportunities to bet on your favourite boxing and MMA matches. This is why you should always check the betting features that they offer. Thus, you will know what possibilities you will have if you decide to register and bet.

States & Countries Where to Legally Bet on Boxing and MMA

Without a doubt, online betting on boxing and MMA is very popular in many countries around the globe. However, in some jurisdictions, betting on boxing and MMA is not legal. Below, you will see the list with countries where those two combat sports are fully legal and popular in the betting platforms of online operators.

Country Legal Age Online Tennis Betting
United States – New Jersey 21+ Yes
Canada 19+ Yes
UK 18+ Yes
Germany 18+ Yes
India 21+ Yes
Nigeria 20+ Yes

Yet another thing that we have to outline is the legal age. Some countries like the UK or Germany will allow players who are 18 years of age or bigger to bet on boxing and MMA. In other countries like the USA or India, the minimum legal age, though, is 21.

The different legal aspect of betting on boxing and MMA definitely influence players’ preferences. Nonetheless, in countries where betting on boxing and MMA is legal, online operators estimate high interest in those combat sports across bettors. It is quite popular among online gamblers in countries like the UK, Germany and the United States.

Tips and Strategies

When it comes to online betting on boxing and MMA, it is good to make a good strategy first. You should pay careful attention to what are your betting options and how you can use them to get an advantage throughout the given event. Here are the main boxing and MMA betting strategies and tips that you can use.

  • Choose the right division or tournament that you are familiar with. Thus, you will be more likely to avoid any bad betting decisions. Your predictions will be more precise, and the bets you make will be more profitable.
  • Bet on fighters that you know well. If you are keen on combat sports such as boxing and MMA, you will probably keep track of the performance of the fighters. Betting on the fighter, you know well will guarantee you success.
  • Use different boxing and MMA betting types. The selection of various betting options will lead to better chances. However, keep in mind that it is always good to choose the one that better suits your gambling skills.
  • Consider taking advantage of the cash-out feature. It will help you if the outcome of the given boxing or MMA match turns out to be unfavourable for you. Using the cash-out option at the right moment will guarantee that you will secure part of your bet.

Betting on sports may seem easy, but apart from the boxing and MMA betting tips, there are other details that players have to take into consideration too. Besides, some betting strategies can help you in various ways. You can use them to make a better prediction and to make better calculations whether your bet will be more profitable or not. Thus you will be able to make a good decision about your boxing and MMA bet. Here are some of the most interesting boxing and MMA betting strategies:

Strategy Explanation
D’Alembert This is a strategy that can be used on all stake sizes as it is a system that works with units. You can make a calculation based on your initial bet that will help you to predict your next moves.
Martingale The Martingale system is quite popular if we would be talking about boxing and MMA sports betting. According to the system, players should double their bet every time they lose.
Fibonacci System This system is famous for its sequence. When your bet loses, you should move up to the Fibonacci sequence to see what your next bet should bet. If the bet wins, you should move back with two numbers on the sequence.
Kelly Criterion This is quite an interesting system that uses a specific formula. According to this system, you have to lower your bet when losing and raise the wagers when winning.
Hedging The idea behind this betting strategy is that you should place a bet on a different outcome to your initial bet. This will guarantee you a profit no matter what the result of the boxing or MMA match will be.

If you get aware of how those strategies work, you will immediately see the potential that they have. Some of them are even used in other online gambling games and can even guide you on how to bet on Esports, for example. In other words, those strategies will be quite useful when it comes to betting on boxing and MMA too.

History of Boxing and MMA Betting

Boxing is a combat sport that is known for quite a long time ago. It is an Olympic sport Boxing betting originates for many years too. Boxing rules have changed a lot during the years before being established the way we know them today. On the other hand, MMA what we know it today is a sport that became extremely popular in the early 20th century.

Boxing and MMA Betting History Timeline
1929 British Boxing Board of Control is the governing body of professional boxing in the United Kingdom. It was formed in 1929, and its headquarter is located in Cardiff. The Britains’ most popular Lonsdale Belt is also sanctioned by the British Boxing Board of Control.
1941 The Nevada Athletic Commission regulates all combat sports contest in the state on Nevada, including boxing and MMA. The commission is also responsible for solving any disputes and issues concerning boxing and MMA bouts on the territory of the state.
1946 The European Boxing Union was initially formed as the IBU – International Boxing Union back in 1910 in Paris. Later, in 1946 it was reformed to become the EBU. It is the major European sanctioning body in professional boxing. The most prestigious boxing title in the old continent is governed by EBU.
1962 The WBA is the oldest and one of the major organizations which sanction professional boxing matches. The WBA world champion title is among the most prestigious in professional boxing. The WBA headquarter is based in Panama.
1963 The World Boxing Council (WBC) was founded to sanction professional boxing bouts and is one of the four major organizations executing this activity. The organization is based in Mexico City. Today, the WBC has 161 member countries from all over the world.
1983 The International Boxing Federation (IBF) is the other very important sanctioning organization in the world of boxing. It is based in New Jersey and was initially formed as the United States Boxing Association (USBA). The first world champion of IBF was Marvin Camel.
1988 The World Boxing Organization (WBO) is also recognized by the International Boxing Hall of Fame and is one of the major boxing sanctioning bodies. The WBO’s headquarter is based in Puerto Rico. As soon as it was founded, the organization was involved in quite many international world championships.
1993 The most important organization in MMA is the UFC. It is one of the primary promotion companies in mixed martial arts and currently the largest in the world. It is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The UFC has achieved great media coverage and during the years has rapidly expanded in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Betting on boxing dates back to early 1900s. This sport was quite popular in the UK where betting also has a long history. Betting on MMA is nowadays also extremely popular. Betting on those two combat sports is one of the most preferred ones just like betting on tennis – another quite attractive sport.

Final Thoughts

If you would like to bet on boxing and MMA, be sure that you will have quite many good opportunities to do so. Those two sports are one of the most popular ones around the world. The most important thing is that you can access the best boxing and MMA betting websites that will provide you with the most important features for better gambling experience. Below, you will find our top recommended operator for boxing and MMA betting.

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We hope that our thorough guide has introduced you to the most important details concerning boxing and MMA betting. You will be able to use the tips and strategies that we recommended to you and improve your skills while betting on your favourite boxing and MMA matches. To have the best gambling experience, you can also check the top rugby betting sites as the level of interest may also raise up there.


If you need some additional information or you have missed any important details, don’t hesitate to check the section below. Here, we have prepared for you short answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding boxing and MMA betting. Check them out as they will bring more light to the topic.

šŸ„‡Which is the best online boxing and MMA betting site?

Quite many online operators will offer you good opportunities to bet on your favourite combat sports. However, to be sure that you will have the best chances, always check only the recommended boxing and MMA betting sites as they have the best features and the necessary security standards.

ā“ How does boxing betting work?

Betting on combat sports such as boxing and MMA is favourite to many online bettors around the globe. The best sites for betting on those two combat sports will offer you very attractive boxing and MMA betting types. Depending on your gambling skills, you can choose the betting type that will be most suitable for you.

āœ”ļø How to bet on a boxing match?

If you would like to place a bet on one of your favourite boxing or MMA matches, you should take into consideration some important details. Be sure to check the major boxing and MMA betting tips. They will give you a certain advantage and the various betting strategies will increase your chances to place a more profitable bet.

šŸ„Š What is round betting on boxing?

The round betting in boxing and MMA refers to placing a bet on which round the match will end. To make the best bet possible, always consider following the most important boxing and MMA betting rules. They will offer you various betting options and will increase your chances a lot.

šŸ’¬ How do MMA betting odds work?

When you decide to bet on boxing and MMA, there is one thing that plays a very important role when placing a bet ā€“ the odds. Each online bookmaker is trying to give better odds. However, you should always compare and make certain calculations to be able to find better boxing and MMA odds.

ā— What is over under in MMA betting?

This a type of bet has been popular throughout the MMA betting history for a long time. The sportsbook gives a specific amount of point to the fighters. When the score is set to a certain amount, you must predict whether the outcome will be over or under that score.

šŸ† How to win MMA bets?

When you place bets on MMA events, you should examine carefully the odds that are given for the specific fight. Besides, you must know the fighters well and keep track of their current performance. Those two factors will help you to place a winning and legal bets.

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