Andrey Kotelnikov Took the Top Prize at This Year’s Mix-Max Championship

September 14, 2020 Scott Bowen

A group of British players dominated the last round of the WPT World Online Championships at party poker, however, the winning prize ended up in the hands of a Russian player.

A Pair of Aces and Casino Chips In the last week, a fairly recent yet thrilling tournament format, the WPTWOC schedule swap to Mix-Max, saw adjustments in the table dimensions as the tournament continues. The events initially started on eight-handed tables, but later on, switched to six-handed.

The $3,200 buy-in event for the Mix-Max Championship was close to becoming a member of the WPT Champions Club. Guite sat down with the smallest pile on the final table and played superbly with the Russian pro-Andrey Kotelnikov.

Kotelnikov had a brilliant bluff to lead Guite and Guite should find himself unfortunate not to win the top prize of $488,508. The final side saw the two-time flop by Guite, and his lowly six-three by Kotelnikov. Guite earned $366,604.

Guite dismembered Kotelnikov ‘s six-four straight with eight-six in four-five-seven. Both players tested, but the turn was much better with a four-hit, with Kotelnikov on his open-ended trips. Some chips turned around, and others dedicated themselves on the river ace to Guite, bringing the 33 million pot down and leading the ground.

Kotelnikov reversed with ace-king versus ace-jack into cover, but both players took it back in hand to make a couple of Kings, but the two pairs of Guite succeeded.

Guite hit the button with jack-four in the last moment of this tournament, and Kotelnikov came out with six-three. Those two hands were most definitely unplayable on the four-five-jack flop at every other point of the game. Everything that followed was the ongoing bet and call, but the change was even more important. The top prize went to the hands of Kotelnikov.

Irish Conor O’Driscoll Was One of the Best Players at Mix-Max Championship

The Irish Conor O’Driscoll has cut down the $320 purchase-in Mix-MaX Mini Championship game, smashing his previous career-best scoring from the ballpark.

The former highest prize for the O’Driscoll online tournament was $17,000, but at the moment he has a prize of $121,980 in cash. On the road to an impressionable win, the Irishman defeated 3,006 enemies.

O’Driscoll was to compete with Philipp Gruissem and Anton Suarez as well at the final table with the likes of the Squad partypoker. Gruissem was sixth for $19,760, while O’Driscoll’s leading rival was Suarez, winner of the MILLINS UK Main Event in 2020, for $1 million.

O’Driscol later pushed Suarez in second-place. The Swedish player netted $93,880, while O’Driscoll won the only six-figure prize of $121,980.

Sean Donovan and Colin Horgan Took the Second and Third Place

The first of the two British people to break out was Finn Walker. For his fifth-place exit, Walker earned $9,075.  Around  $19,863 went to Colin Horgan of Ireland as he was in the third place. The second place went to the British player Sean Donovan who received a $25,940. 

The Micro Main Event Championship should happen this weekend.  Day 1A of the $109 buy-in Micro Main Event $1 million promised ends at 7:00 p.m. Day 1B shuffling and playing concurrently on August 30. Day 2 will also begin at 7 p.m while the final will take place the next day (September 1) at the same time. Day 1B will take place one week later on September 6.

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