Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu High Stakes Match Ended with Polk Winning

February 17, 2021 Scott Bowen

After a three month fight, the Heads up Challenge between Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu came to an end. Over 25,000 hands have been played in poker. Finally, the two players complemented each other. Compliments are not a point. However, Doug Polk’s Reading won the competition for $ 1.2 million in profits.

Negreanu Was Leading at First

Loads of Chips on a Blackjack Table with a Ten and an Ace CardsWhen the duo made it to the virtual table at WSOP, they recognized that it was seemingly the last day of the action. With two promo tables $ 200/ $ 400 and just over 1000 hands on the watch. The end was near when the Doug Polka had more than $ 900,000 in safety. The issue is not whether Doug will conquer the battle. It was about whether it will exceed a million.

The first volleys were in favor of Negreanu. Doug Polk would draw a straight line on the Key hand. But Negreanu folded the same card on the river and won a decent pot of almost $ 40,000. Negreanu’s luck continued as he won by collecting hands and playing powerful poker. In the first hours of operation, Negreanu saved about $ 150,000 on the Polk Edge.

As is usually the case during combat, Doug Polk reacted quickly. He got the four suits that the ace had when Negreanu had the king. The Doug Polk received a double key from a bank for $ 180,000. Along with other promotions on the same day, Polk will win $ 255,722 in his last 1,718 hands and complete the challenge.

New Respect Among Players

After a bitter start between them, the end was almost a relief for the players. On his Twitter account, “Polk shared the final result and said, to put it mildly, guys, we won. We did it.” The opponent Negreanu is also delighted with the performance of Polk. He said in the GGPoker feed: “Without a doubt, he played well.”

Both players showed sympathy on Twitter before the challenge was over, and they seem ready to discuss the shared event in more detail: This conversation would be very helpful.

Negreanu rethought the task and was wrong. First, he probably should have had more action to play live, which is much more than his acting. Even after a year in retirement, it didn’t take long for Polk to get in shape, and almost the entire WSOP competition was a benefit for Doug Polk.

Attacking a melee master like Polk was also a bad idea for Negreanu. Heads Up Poker has never been a bastion of the Hall of Fame, but it was this theme that Polk ruled when he was one of the dominant players in the online game. But it’s part of poker where someone believes they have a chance at every game. Therefore, we must congratulate Negreanu for the shot.

Where they go? The Doug can retire after this event, Negreanu will probably play poker in his 80s, but they give the poker world three fun months.

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