New Jersey Plans to Set Up the Most Ambitious Gambling Treatment Program in the US

August 4, 2021 Scott Bowen

This year New Jersey has a chance to set an example for other countries in reducing the damage done by gambling problems. Two bills in the House of Representatives and the Senate will establish a gambling rule rejection program in state courts.

New Jersey With A Project for New Problem Gambling Programme In short, these courts will offer the Senate oversight and treatment as an alternative to imprisonment for nonviolent offenders if committed by someone struggling with gambling addiction in the Senate, and this should then be enshrined in a bill.

If successful, New Jersey will become the third state to undertake such an experiment.

Judge Moss stepped down last year after the second anniversary of the trial, but unlike his predecessor in Amherst, the Nevada court has not closed. Instead, he continues to work under the direction of CJ Linda Bell. Judge Moss is currently a key member of the New Jersey Court of Gambling Initiative and supports similar efforts in other states.

New Jersey Will Be the First State with Most Betting Courts

New Jersey’s initiative remains the most ambitious, with the congregation’s bill requiring the creation of not one; but 3 of such courts. While retail casinos are only permitted in Atlantic City in New Jersey, online gambling is permitted throughout the state.

Addiction Is an Attempt to Fill the Void

Online Poker Report asked Responsible betting advisor Jamie Salsburg for his views on this initiative. Salsburg moderates the After Gambling podcast and runs its consulting firm, Dyve. Johann Hari is a reporter who deals not only with gambling but also deals with drug addiction and depression in general.

In it, Johann mentions the study of a psychologist, Bruce Alexander, who conducted famous tests on mice in which he provided clean water or water with morphine to them. The same experiments have earlier shown that mouse, quarantine in cages without supervision or stimulation, choose drug-laden water, develop obsessive practices, and tend to overdose.

In contrast, when Alexander built a “rat park” with lots of food, society, and pleasure, the mice largely ignored the drug-laden water. They concluded that the mice who chose the drugs did so because of unmet psychological needs. Since then, research on human behavior has shown the same thing.

This harmful attachment or habit can be associated with just about anything. Alcohol and Drugs are ordinary, but some unhealthy practices are also common, including betting addiction.

When it comes to drug-related crime, drug dependence treatment is usually the most effective way to reduce relapse. Most likely, confinement simply alienates addicts from family, friends, and productive roles in society.

This court is one of the largest groups of “specialized courts” dealing with these issues. Drug courts are now widespread and exist in all 50 states. There are more than 3800 of them throughout the country. However, the GTDC of Nevada is the only specialized court for bettors now working in the country.

For two and a half years of its existence, there were only 10 participants in it. It is just a tiny drop in the bucket, as most calculations of betting addiction in the United States indicate that millions or more are struggling with the problem.

However, the efforts of Nevada and New York have proven successful. Not only were they able to successfully achieve their goals, but many members also rated the experience as positive.

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