The Application Process for Sports Betting Applications Has Begun

December 29, 2019 Matt Speakman

Sports betting is moving forward in the state of Montana and giving the sports betting lovers a hope that it will just take a few days until they are able to start placing sports bets without having to leave the borders of their beloved home state, Montana.

Sports judge

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In other words, the rules for sports wagering of the Montana Lottery Commission were officially added to the Administrative Registrar of the state last week, clearing the way for applications to be received. On top of that, organizations with the proper license to sell beer will be eligible to apply for sports betting licenses.

Despite the fact that the number is likely to be significantly lower as the state lottery launches sports wagering, it could be granted up to 1,400 licenses. Montana betting lovers will be able to place bets in approved locations through Sports Bet Montana kiosks or through a mobile app within the location’s physical boundaries.

The State Won’t Bring Outside Operators

Bettors in Montana will be able to wager within approved locations by Sports Bet Montana kiosks or through a mobile app inside the location’s physical surroundings. Intralot was awarded an agreement by the state lottery to be its exclusive provider in sports betting. In fact, with Montana not performing the competitive bidding process, Intralot was awarded the contract.

The state is not planning to bring outside operators because the state lottery is only responsible for overseeing sports wagering which legislation was signed into law in May by Governor Steve Bullock.

Responsible Betting Measures Are Promoted

Ever since then, the lottery official had a task to draft a set of betting rules and present them into the public, therefore, according to VSO News, at their November 21 session, the Montana Lottery Commission accepted the official rules of sports betting. The rules take around 18 pages and according to them, lottery officials are the ones to be responsible for training retailers at licensed locations in terms of how to implement sports betting and follow all the rules.

It is important to notice that some of the rules are focused on promoting responsible gaming measures. In other words, participants could set deposit and spending amounts. On top of that, participants could have time limits available to practice responsible betting or in case they want to be excluded from creating an account for online sports betting, they should add their name on the list which is offered.

On the other hand, it is not clear when wagering will start in the state. Previously it was mentioned that it will start before 2019 ends, however, due to the licensing process, it seems that it could not happen until the beginning of the next year. Nevertheless, taken into consideration that the Montana Lottery Commission accepted the official rules of sports betting presented by the lottery, the things seem to be headed in the right direction.

When the sports wagering will finally start in the state, Montana will officially become one more of the states within the United States where people can freely bet on their favorite team without leaving their home state.

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