World Series of Poker 2021 Features 88 Gold Bracelets

July 3, 2021 Scott Bowen

88 Gold Bracelet Events Sign Next to a Ring and Casino Chips The WSOP in-person and online registration will start in August. As usual, the $500 casino staff will kick off the Reunion tournament. The flagship poker tournament will be the largest event with 88 gold bracelets.

The WSOP is normally held in early summer and late spring, generally from the end of May, to mid-July. However, due to the coronavirus, authorities agreed to postpone the event as a safety step. Vaccines have dramatically decreased the number of cases, in-patients, and loss of life in the US. Daily life is beginning to return to normal. Shifting the events to fall gives the WSOP extra time to ensure all preventive measures and offers players some time to vaccinate and plan their trip.

WSOP Will be Back to Live-Action

The $10000 World Series of Poker Main tournament kicks off on Nov 4th with the four Day 1 flight and continues to the last table that will divide over two days: Nov 16 and 17.

The COVID-19 stopped much of live poker past year although the WSOP did manage to kick off a series of bracelet events at WSOP in the US and at GGPoker internationally. At the end of the year, an online/live hybrid “main event” occurred, and in the first week of 2021, Damian Salas finally claim the main competition title.

“Make no mistake, the 2021 WSOP will be the real deal and we’re preparing for a full house. Throughout the storied history of the WSOP, this year will be particularly memorable and we’re preparing for a poker reunion all players can celebrate,” said WSOP Chief Executive Ty Stewart.

The poker industry is eagerly waiting for things to get back to normal as they were before the pandemic hit and considering that the number of COVID-19 infected cases declined, this seems to be a perfect opportunity for WSOP to happen live again.

More Details about the Schedule

On the first day, there will be a $1,000 COVID-19 Relief NLH Charity tournament for leading healthcare professionals. The main event is bound to take place on October 1st – the $500 Reunion No-Limit Hold’em event with a $5M reward. Around 10k subscriptions are required to qualify, and it possibly will: users can list all three outbound flights if they choose, re-entering each flight.

There are different special tournaments include GG Poker’s $10k Flip and Go tournament, where all players are all-in at once. Each table champion wins the prize and plays as usual until the end of the event.

Towards the finish of the World Series of Poker tournaments, there will be a new competition, the Poker Hall of Fame Bounty No-Limit Hold’em tournament. The entry of the freezeout tournament requires $1979, a tribute to the show’s first year of the hall. All the members are free to play, and each will receive a reward equal to one year of access.

Four starting flights will be selected for the WSOP Main Event from November 4th to 7th. The final table is set for 16 and 17 November.

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