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March 28, 2020 Matt Speakman

For a long time, the e-sports sector has remained less explored by the gambling industry. Well, Bet Construct is set to change this narrative through its e-sports division.

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Fortnite © Epic-Games

The innovative move will enable customers from the famous iGaming solutions provider to wager on online e-sports such as Fortnite and Mortal Combat. The decision to introduce this innovation is timely as the betting industry feels the covid-19 bite with majors sporting events been suspended or canceled worldwide.

The company’s head of the newly formed esports division, Eduard Avygyan, was pleased to share how the idea of venturing into esports came about.

In his interview with SBC News, Mr. Avagyan stated, “The interest in video games took off back in the 90s. Since then, there has been an ever-increasing interest. Esports is a unique product in so many ways. Its player base is huge and means that any person with a passion for games and who has the appropriate set of equipment can become a pro-gamer.”

The fact that esports is open to any other talented and experienced player with the right set of equipment makes it’s easy to sort out talents from various parts of the world.

Mr. Avagyan added, “It attracts significant investments and sponsorships from popular brands, as the bulk of the audience is made up of young adults who happen to be the top consumers today.”

According to Eduard, with the current technology, different forms of esports emerge every day. Additionally, the ever-improving global internet connectivity makes esports live streaming possible on various social media platforms.

He further reiterates that “Millions of viewers log into live streaming portals to follow esports events, showing how much potential the product has. BetConstruct noticed the opportunity long ago, and now offers in-house esports; live streaming broadcasted from our studios situated in Yerevan, Armenia. The games played by our e-athletes include football, eBasketball, eTennis, and Mortal Kombat.”

The Challenges

The main challenge faced by companies venturing into esports is the lack of a central organizer for esports events. Players are free to log in during their leisure time and play against those players available at that specific time.

However, BetConstruct has devised criteria of maintaining equality, honesty in the game by ensuring all players available for betting are qualified and leveled. This is achieved through the organizing qualifier tournaments.

Avagyan explained: “The main criteria we have for our e-athletes is motivation and passion for the game. Their skills and motivation are decided by qualifiers, which also help in identifying the team’s strength and eligibility for tournaments.”

To further boost the games’ integrity, BetConstruct set aside an esports division as well as a risk management department to monitor all betting activities.

Through this new investment, the company seeks to tap into the Generation Z’s appetite for online games and believes that the fledgling sector will boom in no time.

Unlike in-house sports, esports requires vigilance from its operators as games are updated regularly to ensure high player engagements as well as proper coverage of all possible events.

Avagyan added, “The suitability is mostly decided by the demand and popularity of the event. The tournaments are divided into categories – Premier Events, Major Events and Minor Events. The audience depends directly on the quality of the event.”

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