Iowa Locals Could Start with Sport Wagering on August 15

October 1, 2019 Matt Speakman

Sports betting will finally be legal in Iowa on August 15 at noon when people would be allowed to begin with sports wagering in-person and through a mobile app. Moreover, sports betting lovers are already allowed to sign up early for mobile accounts and get ready for the big day!

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For Legal Sports Report, the administrator of the Iowa and Gaming Commission, Brian Ohoriko, has stated that casinos with approved account registration controls could start taking sign-ups even before the big date, however, the accounts wouldn’t be able to place their first wager until noon on August 15.

Ohoriko also revealed that 5 casinos are close to finishing line for taking online bets and take mobile actions on day one. The stated casinos should first receive certification letters on technology from independent testing labs before they receive mobile authorization. The administrator of Iowa and Gaming commission is convinced that between 6 to 9 casinos will be accepting in-person wagers on launch day including the previously mentioned 5.

IRGC Is Working Hard to Prepare Casinos for Sports Betting

Since the college football and NFL seasons are already knocking on the door, the IRGC is already providing casinos operational leeway in the rules. To make sure that everything will go just like it should, the members of IRGC will be having a meeting with every casino which has received a license to go over the controls they have in place with regard Iowa sports betting. The controls that every casino should have are about providing protective measures such as verifying legal age and reporting suspicious activities.

Mobile wagering is important just as in-person wagering, therefore, 15 out of 18 casinos are expected to offer mobile wagering in the near future.

Moreover, to make the surprise even bigger, daily fantasy sports were also authorized during the football season by the commission’s approved rules. In contrast to sports betting, Ohoriko reveals that there hasn’t been any particular interest by any casino to offer daily fantasy contests.

On the other hand, DFS sites would possibly start operating on August 1 while fantasy games on collegiate players will remain prohibited until May 1, 2020. Just as the other states, Iowa is giving its best to not stay behind regarding sports betting, therefore, they are currently working hard to send letters on the behalf of IRGC authorizing them to begin with sports betting on August 15. In addition, online operators and DFS sites will also receive letters of authorization of operation.

Why Iowa Is Legalizing Sports Betting?

Iowa is the third to have legalized sports betting this year along with Illinois, Indiana, Maine (the bill passed only), Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

The legalization of sports betting has begun as a result of particular interest in the United States in the legalization of this kind of betting in recent years. The US Supreme Court struck down a 1992 federal law last year in May.

With this activity the Supreme Court allowed every state in the country to make their own decision whether to legalize or not commercial sports betting.

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