Research Shows That 73% оf the Transactions in Gambling Are via Mobile

October 4, 2019 John Isaac

Mobile phones are perhaps the most popular devices in the last few years and that has also impacted the gambling industry as well. New research reveals that the gambling industry is the second industry for overall mobile transactions. 72% of the overall transactions in the gambling industry are made via mobile devices!

Just a few days ago Iovation released new research through which they have discovered that in the first half of 2019 even 49% of all risky transactions were made through mobile devices. In 2018 the Iovation research discovered that 30% were mobile transactions, 33% were made in 2017 while 25% were made in 2016.

Snelling Explains That the Gambling Industry Is Consistently Exposed to Risky Transactions

Payment Via Mobile Phone

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Senior Manager at Iovation, Brooke Snelling explains that the gambling industry is consistently exposed to a risky transaction from mobile phones. According to her, fraudsters are constantly improving their tactics to make the transactions appear more legitimate as if they were made by real customers, however, Iovation is able to instantly distinguish a real customer and a repeat fraudster.

Besides the gambling industry,which is on the second place, communities are the top industry with mobile transactions fraud with 73% of their overall fraud transactions being made from mobile phones and retail is on the third place with 61% of their overall transactions. The gambling industry was in the first place regarding mobile transactions back in 2018 while in 2017 and 2016 it was on second place just like this year.

“One could speculate that gambling operators have put controls in place to stop these types of abuses so fraudsters have moved to easier targets. But keep in mind there is nothing concrete to back that up and these statistics are only through June 30, so much can change in half a year,”–stated Snelling to Yogonet.

Snelling also talked about regular mobile transactions related to this industry for which she said that they are expecting to see the number of online gambling transactions grow significantly in the U.S due to the legalization of online gambling in a number of states throughout the country.

North America Is on Top for Highest Percentage of Transactions via Mobile Phones

In fact, the study made by Iovation claims that North America is by far one of the top continents with the highest percentage of overall transactions coming from mobile devices.

North America is the leading continent when it comes to mobile fraud transactions in 2019 with 59% while Asia with 55% is in the second space. What’s interesting about this is the fact is that in the past few years the situation was vice versa when Asia was on the first place in mobile fraud while in 2017 and 2016 North America had the lead.

Iovation is a company which specializes in analyzing online transactions frauds and from January 2016 to June 2019 has analyzed over 30 billion online transactions. In order to discover risky mobile transactions, this company calculates the percent of risky transactions from mobile devices and then compares them to the overall risky transactions. Iovation believes that risky transactions are those which in most of the cases result in fraud.

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