Wrongly Conducted Lottery Draws in California on the Ellen Show, According to State Review

April 24, 2021 Jessica Whitehouse

Ellen DeGeneres received audience applause at her 2019 national talk show when she stated that everyone would get a 500 dollars California Lottery Scratchers ticket package.

Investigation of the Wrongly Organized Lottery on Ellen's Show According to the State controller, the California Lottery took advantage of a promotion that raffled off 30k Scratchers lottery tickets cost over 138k dollars at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, most of which were donated to the public.

The State controller Betty T. Yee report was published a year after inquiry the gift, which few have identified as an unsuitable giveaway of state assets. Yee is the CFO of State. He advised that the lottery improve its strategies and methods to avoid similar issues in the future.

The report said that the assessment showed that the lottery did not sufficiently control the Ellen DeGeneres Show ticket ad consent method, contract agreements, the protection of advancement lottery tickets, and additional media purchases.

Lottery members questioned a few of the controller’s conclusions. They also said the scratch cards offered to viewers of the Show in December 2019 positively showed they felt an increase in lottery product sales and were worth higher than the price of the lottery tickets provided.

A Controller Launched a Review of the Case

Every person in the audience received a 500 dollars prize for 72 scratcher tickets to promote games. The entire face amount of the tickets was 212k dollars, but Yee’s office estimated the tickets were worth 74k dollars less. A controller conducted a review after lottery officials filed a whistleblower complaint that the giveaway was an improper use of money and found that few of the 425 packages had miscalculated.

Critics of the game show led to a 2019 video published on YouTube by star Colleen Ballinger claiming that The Show gave her a 500 dollars Scratch Cards.

According to Yee’s statement, the lottery missed proper plans and methods to endorse a promotion and insufficiently restricted the chance of scratchers tickets being sent to unintended parties.

In addition, according to the statement, the tickets were safely processed during the giveaway.

The Controller Statement

The controller also declared in his statement that the ownership of Warner Bros, 35 gift cases with lottery tickets were found. The studios and 8 months after the show was taped were restored.

The report also found that the lottery did not have sufficient evidence to confirm the purchase of add-on media at a price of 100k dollars interrogated expenses.

The entire cost of the promotion, including gift wrapping and accessories, was valued at 449k dollars.

Yee advised that the lottery establish more reliable internal ticket validation and protection methods.

The authorities stated in their written answer that the advertisement is permitted by the rule and that appropriate methods are followed.

According to the reply, The Ellen Show advertising plan was thoroughly examined in a timely manner and duly approved.

However, in recent times, this hasn’t been the only scandal surrounding The Ellen Show. Last year, there were serious allegations in terms of Ellen’s behavior and treatment towards her employees in the show.

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