New Hampshire Lottery Reviewing Proposals By Online Vendors and Retailers

September 30, 2019 Jessica Whitehouse

New Hampshire Lottery aims to offer sports betting after it passed legislation last month. At a current moment, the lottery is reviewing the proposals made by the potential online vendors and retailers with the objective to launch sports betting by the beginning of the next year.

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Just a while ago, the governor Chris Sununu put his signature on a law which finally legalizes sports betting. As a result of this new law, the clients now can bet on professional sports and most Division I college sports (New Hampshire school sports are not included).

Furthermore, retail gambling and mobile betting would no longer be a “taboo” as it will be allowed at 10 locations in New Hampshire.

What’s The Purpose Of Sports Betting System?

In a statement New Hampshire Lottery Executive Director Charlie McIntyre wrote: “The New Hampshire Lottery looks forward to working with vendors to develop a secure sports betting system that engages our players and drives revenue in support of education in New Hampshire.”

This new law which legalizes sports wagering is expected to produce around $7.5 million for education in the fiscal year 2021, while two years later it is expected to produce even $13.5 million.

Those who want to become online vendors and retailers should send their proposals by 4 pm on September 16. The New Hampshire Lottery is expected to have reviewed all the proposals and approve final contracts by the end of November.

In addition, this new law creates a Division of Sports Wagering within the lottery to oversee sports betting.

With this gamblers would have the chance to bet on all professional and college sports, however, in order to make sports betting, it is required to have at least 18 years.

New Hampshire Legalized Sports Betting In June

New Hampshire is one of the few states in the United States to have legalized sports betting when governor Chris Sununu took the decision to sign the bill last June.

Despite this fact, New Hampshire still has a few things to determine before it actually starts. Reviewing the proposals of the potential online vendors and retailers is not the only thing that should be done before this year finishes, but there is also a decision that should be taken regarding the locations.

With that taken into consideration, voters will finally have the opportunity to voice their opinion and determine where these 10 locations will take place. Following this decision, the New Hampshire Lottery commission will take care to provide information on sports betting to cities for their November ballots.

When all of that is done, New Hampshire will officially become one of the two states in New England where sports betting is legal.

After last year when the Supreme court struck down the federal ban on wagering not outside of Nevada as well, states received the liberty to decide whether they want to legalize sports betting or not. At a current moment, there are 10 states where sports betting is legal and other few that are still in the process of decision.

New Hampshire will have this new law fully functional by the beginning of the following year.

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