Shane August To Join Sports Betting Market in Washington D.C.

November 7, 2020 Matt Speakman

Shane August is finally ready to open the first retail sportsbook independently owned in the United States!

A Pin on Washington DC City Map August intends to open his Handle19 Sportsbook in Washington D.C.  He revealed that he was looking forward to D.C. Lottery to grant him a license for Class-B Gaming by the end of this month. Handle 19 will then start betting, making it the second sportsbook venue in D.C. after William Hill.

However, things don’t run as smoothly as one would imagine. When Handle 19 applied for an alcohol permit, neighbors in the area of the use debated whether they want something like that in their area or not. Around 20 local residents expressed resistance to Treat 19. Many are worried about the “social ills” and the “security threats” of their surroundings.

They shared frustration about the likelihood that a sportsbook might carry violence into the upscale city in the same city as elementary schools and daycares.

The area is home to similar establishments, including those that serve food and drinks.

August Might Open Handle 19 Without Alcohol License

Instead of forcibly escalating the problem this month, August opted to postpone his hearing with the Alcohol Beverage Control Board to November 12.

But he also said, if possible, that he would open Handle 19 without an alcohol license. For two years, for this company, August has been designing proposals and alliances. Capitol Hill wasn’t the initial design because the location in the Adams Morgan district had already been considered, however, the initial plan was later on changed.  

“I’m on the record since 2019, that we’re coming to market with a Vegas-style sportsbook. We do have some small remodeling to complete and hope to open before Thanksgiving. If we have to open without alcohol in the beginning, we will. We’re doing it because there is a public appetite that is unprecedented,” – noted August.

Handle 19 sports betting network is sponsored by USBookmaking, which includes sportsbook customers in New Mexico and Colorado

USBookmaking and Handle 19 have established a partnership where all workers will work for Handle 19 while Salerno ‘s staff will educate tellers and offer support to customers.

With regard to company, that means that licensees from class B are wise to grow loyal follow-up in their communities, not least as neighboring Virginia will launch online operators early next year.

August Believes Washington D.C. Is the Perfect Place to Develop the Real Brand Identity

In comparison to less transitory cities such as Boston or Philadelphia, D.C. seems to be the perfect place for Handle 19 according to August which where he prefers to develop the real identity of the brand.

According to him, it is a diverse place from both, cultural and sporting perspectives which why they don’t want to alienate anybody. He stated that while the company operates, the culture within will define itself and they will let the public decide what they will have inside. August assured that is for the real bettors and not for a corporate group.

Thus, USBookmaking will customize its promotions towards Handle 19. They will include refunding money on certain losing bets and venue drawings.

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