Camelot Highlights Good Causes for the New National Ad Campaign

May 26, 2021 Jessica Whitehouse

A new advertising campaign for the Camelot National Lottery shows how players are helping to transform British society.

Camelot With a New National Lottery Advert CampaignCamelot is the British national lottery operator. A new national advertising campaign launched by Camelot. The campaign highlight the positive effects of the group’s Good Causes funding from charities on various facets of UK society and the benefits of ticket sales.

The campaign was voiced by expert TV personality Dermot O’Leary premiered on May 1 with a one-minute infomercial on ITV’s Game of Talents. Additionally, it has been seen on television, outdoor advertisements, digital, and radio, as well as television shows in prime time.

Social media will also perform a key part in the advertising field, providing information on how to fund national charities by posting stories about particular projects.

The television ad was created by adam & eveDDB; under Vizeum-led media planning and procurement. The TV commercial features a national lottery player entering his numbers before travel to participate in several National Good Cause Lottery projects.

Keith Moore is Camelot’s director of marketing. He said that with his current National Lottery advertising strategy. They are showing tremendous power to players when buying tickets and are transforming the United Kingdom for the best. They are helping to collect an estimated 30 M euros each week for charity projects around the United Kingdom.

A new advertising strategy sheds light on multiple charity projects and shows the link between user ticket purchases and 30 M euros a week charity.

Programs Sponsored by the Lottery

In the summertime, the users have the chance to experience the incredible National Lottery programs firsthand to better appreciate the user behind the numbers.

Both include National Lottery Cinema Weekend and Open Week, which will happen this summertime. It allows lottery players to win multiple free movie tickets or cinema tickets, as well as exclusive offers and free admission to hundreds of lottery-financed British attractions.

The opening move will also use social media to leverage support from national charities by sharing stories of selected projects. It will help the community understand the size of support for the 42 B euros national charity lottery to date.

The promotional video was produced by adam & eveDDB, and Vizeum handled media planning and procurement.

Transforming the UK

Keith Moore said, “The fact that this particular player in the advert is seeing first-hand these projects and he himself transforms along the way symbolises that when people play The National Lottery a little, fun stuff happens – and the transformational effect of this funding.”

However, the biggest campaign continues. It marks the beginning of the summertime Fun. It reflects the mood of the country as restrictions on isolation get smaller and smaller, and all the entertainment that keeps players alive is celebrating.

The campaign began when Camelot announced a tender to keep ownership of the national lottery with Allwyn. Allwyn is Camelot’s main competitor in the acquisition procedure. The strategy will also include the use of social media. It will give information on national philanthropy funding and highlight different projects.

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