Connecticut Sports Betting: The Best Connecticut Betting Sites for 2021

Sports Betting in Connecticut
NCAA Basketball Will Be Legal: TBD
Minor League Will Be Legal: TBD
AHL Hokey Will Be Legal: TBD
NLL Lacrosse Will Be Legal: TBD
Presently sports betting is illegal in the state of Connecticut. Since 2018 the state has been paving the way to legitimize such activities. Governor Malloy signed Bill H6948 into law, which intends to regulate wagering on sporting events to the extent permitted by state and federal law. On April 8th 2019, SB17 was proposed to authorize sports wagering under certain circumstances. The Connecticut sports betting legalization for allocated vendors is believed to be imminent.

Gambling Laws in Connecticut

There’s want for gambling in Connecticut. For that reason, starting from the late 70s, some relevant legislation has been introduced. These include betting on Lottery, Bingo, Jai alai and off-track betting on Greyhound and horse races. All of the forms of gambling are regulated by the Department of consumer protection and the Gaming Division. Also, the Foxwood Resort Casino and Mohegan Sun Casino are allowed to offer any game of chance legal under state law.

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Most Popular Sports in Connecticut

Connecticut has much to offer in terms of sport activities to pursue and follow. Due to its geography and natural habitat, residents can enjoy a range of outside activities such as skiing, swimming, boating and golfing, with a major PGA event annually. The state has not had a major league male sports team since 1999. There is an abundance of stellar collegiate sports teams that successfully compete in the NCAA, where basketball is the most beloved. Residents enjoy minor league sports as well collegiate sports, but also follow major league sports teams from neighboring’s states, such as New York and New Jersey.

National Collegiate Athletic Association – UConn Huskies

Based out of the University of Connecticut’s campus in Storrs, the Huskies play in the American Athletic Conference. While the men’s team have won 4 NCAA Tournament championships, the women’s team has won a record 11 NCAA Tournament championships. The Huskies have been a consistent channel for quality NBA players, with a high of 14 active players in the roster during 2006-2007. Interestingly Connecticut Sun is an NWBA franchise and ranked #4 at the time of writing this.

Eastern League – Hartford Yard Goats

The Hartford Yard Goats were founded in 2016 after moving and rebranding itself. The franchise is a Colorado Rookies Double-A affiliate which competes in the AA Eastern League. Their home is the Dunkin’ Donuts Park in Hartford, which is considered one of the best ballparks in Minor League Baseball. The team has won 5 league titles and 2 division titles throughout its history with a very active fanbase, selling out 41 of 70 games in its inaugural season.

American Hockey League – Hartford Wolfpack

Hockey has a long and rich tradition in Connecticut with most teams being NHL minor league affiliates since the 1920s. The most beloved team are the Hartford Wolfpack, established in 1926 as the Providence Reds. In 1980 the team was affiliated with the Hartford Whalers, a former NFL club. After a series of relocations, the franchise was named the Hartford Wolfpack in a ‘name the team’ contest and are based out of the XL Center. The team has won 4 Division titles. Notably, the Connecticut Whale is a charter franchise in the NWHL.

National Lacrosse League – New England Black Wolves

Since 1986 the New England Black Wolves have been a member of the National Lacrosse League as the Philadelphia Wings and became the Black wolves in 2014 after relocating from Philadelphia. The team plays out of the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville and is partially owned by the Mohegan tribe. The Black wolves won their first home game in 2015 and have qualified for at least the division semi-finals consecutively between 2016 and 2018.

Local History of Sports Betting in Connecticut

Sports betting in Connecticut has an interesting history. In the 70’s off-track horse race betting and greyhound betting were authorised , though no horse race track was ever opened. The same year Jai Alai betting was legalised. The first Casino opened in 1986, offering only bingo at the time. By 1992 it was offering any game of chance.

Connecticut Sports Betting History
1976 Off-track betting on horse races and greyhounds was introduced and run by DOSR, Ja Alai betting was legalized as well
1992 Legal casino gambling and games of chance were introduced with the opening of Mohegan Sun Casino. They operated since 1986 offering only Bingo then.
2017 A bill was signed by the governor regulating and legalizing daily fantasy betting, the gaming tribes are still to co-sign
2018 Governor Malloy introduced 2 sports betting bills aimed at regulating and authorizing vendors, neither was passed
2019 4 comprehensive sports betting bills to authorize and regulate sport betting have been introduced. Negotiations with gaming tribes and discussions are underway

Legal Online Sports Betting Age in Connecticut

As mentioned, sports betting is not legal in Connecticut as of April 2019. As no bill has been passed, no minimum age has been implemented. If it were to be legalized, it would most likely follow suit with other age limitation imposed. Alcohol is subject to age restrictions of 21 whereas medical marijuana is currently subject to 18 years of age. It follows that sports betting will be within the range of 18 to 21 years of age.

  • Sports Betting Age
    No age has been set as sports betting is currently illegal in Connecticut.
  • Alcohol Age
    The legal drinking age in Connecticut is set at 21 in Connecticut.
  • Weed Age
    Medical Marijuana is subject to the age of 18 and above in Connecticut.

As of 2018 the supreme court struck down a law essentially banning commercial sports betting in most states. Since, a number of states have passed bills legalizing sports betting. New Jersey opened its doors for sports betting in June 2018. Rhode Island currently has 2 Casinos holding licenses to allow for sports betting and mobile betting was legalized in 2019. Pennsylvania also legalized sports betting in the wake of the supreme court ruling, with several sportsbooks and Casinos as licensed vendors.

Taxes on Your Winnings: Do You Have to Pay Anything?

As stated, sports betting has not been legalized in the State of Connecticut, hence no comprehensive tax scheme has been implemented. Considering forms of gambling that are legal, taxes imposed on those winning may reflect on this industry. Horse or dog race winnings are currently taxed at 30% in the state of Connecticut, lottery winnings are taxed at 6.99%. Future sport bet winnings may be taxed in a similar range, anticipated closer to that of lottery winnings.

Upcoming Changes in Connecticut Betting Law

As discussed, since mid-2018 several betting bills concerning the authorisation and regulation of that form of gambling have been presented to the house, but none have been passed until now. It is believed that the regulation of sports betting will be passed soon, whereas the allocation and distribution of licenses may be a long road, as gaming tribes are to agree to the terms the bills.

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