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Sports Betting in North Dakota
NCAA Football Will Be Legal: TBD
North Dakota State Football Will Be Legal: TBD
NBA Will Be Legal: TBD
NCHC Will Be Legal: TBD

Albeit small in population, North Dakota boasts access to many tribal-run casinos and several other betting options throughout the state. North Dakotans enjoy legal horse racing and charity gambling in the form of poker tournaments. Though Daily Fantasy is also available, despite a court battle in 2016, other forms of online betting are not, including casino games, online poker and sports betting. But with the Supreme Court ruling on PASPA in 2018, North Dakota could soon join many other states in its bid to legalize online sports betting. You can read more about the general regulations in the niche in our page about gambling in North Dakota.

Gambling Laws in North Dakota

Far back in its history, North Dakota put a ban on all games of chance. But that ban was broken in 1976, the some types of charity gambling were finally introduced into the state, and eventually several Native American tribes were given permission to open casinos. The casino industry has flourished, but moves to create online gambling offerings have been staunchly opposed. Notably, a senate bill to legalize online poker was defeated by an overwhelming majority in 2005. Since then, legislators had been shy to broach the topic of any online betting, and that extended to North Dakota sports betting. But there is positive news: a bill in the house could legalize sports betting in the near future.

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Most Popular Sports in North Dakota

North Dakota’s unique topography offers much by way of outdoor activities. Winter sports thrive in particular. But residents of the state also enjoy playing and and supporting sports like indoor football, basketball and ice hockey. They have two Division I NCAA teams, and used to host the Dakota Wizards (now based in Santa Cruz) of the NBA Development League.

Here are the most popular sports and resulting betting markets in North Dakota:

Football – North Dakota Fighting Hawks

The ND Fighting Hawks represent the state as the University of North Dakota’s football team. They have a long history, starting in 1894, and have reached the level of competing in the NCAA Division I. As a former Division II team, they competed and won in four bowl games, and have won 25 total conference titles. You might recognize players such as Will Ratelle and Errol Mann, each of whom spent time as Hawks.

Football – North Dakota State Bison

On the other side of the state, another Division I level football program makes its home at North Dakota State University. The Bison have won a whopping 15 national championships and 35 conference championships in their history. They, too, formed in 1894, and are the main regional rivals of the Fighting Hawks. Several current NFL players started as Bison players, including Carson Wentz, Billy Turner and Chris Board.

Basketball – Dakota Wizards

Playing in the NBA development league, this team have risen from strength to strength in recent years. Their form between 2006 – 2012 actually allowed the squad to work up a strong reputation in the state. With Basketball slowly becoming a popular sport in North Dakota, it is no surprise that the Dakota Wizards do their business in the NBA development league. This is by every description a long stretch from the real NBA, but still a high standard.

Ice Hockey – North Dakota Fighting Hawks

The North Dakota Fighting Hawks men’s Ice Hockey team are one of the finest outfits in the state. Their breakthrough season in 2008 truly won the hearts of Ice Hockey fans all across the state. You know your watching a game by these guys because when a fight breaks out, the famous anthem of It’s For You blasts across the stadium and the people stand up to cheer for their star man doing battle on the ice.

Local History of Sports Betting

North Dakota has been somewhat slow to embrace gambling, but with the presence of six popular casinos, as well as a state lottery and state-sanctioned charity gambling events, they are certainly making strides in the right direction. As of yet, sports betting in North Dakota remains illegal in the state but at least one bill is being considered by the legislature, which may mean legal online sports betting is just around the corner.

North Dakota Sports Betting History
1976 Early in its statehood, North Dakota made a decision to ban basically all games of chance. It changes this year with the introduction of individually licensed charity gambling events.
1992 North Dakota gambling finally expands into allowing for tribal casinos. By 2013, there are six such casinos in the state.
2005 A bill from Sen. James Kaspar moves to legalize online poker, but is majorly defeated, discouraging future bids to legalize online gambling of any kind.
2018 The U.S. Supreme Court strikes down PASPA, encouraging many states, including North Dakota, to introduce new bills regarding sports betting.
2019 HB 1295, which proposed to authorized sports betting as a game of chance, is being considered by the House of Representatives in North Dakota.

Legal Online Sports Betting Age in North Dakota

Sports betting has not yet been legalized in North Dakota, but when it becomes legal, the age requirement will likely follow that for alcohol consumption in the state, 21 years old. We will know for certain when current proposed bills or new bills are passed by the state government.

  • Sports Betting Age
    There is currently no age, as there is no legal sports betting in North Dakota.
  • Alcohol Age
    The legal drinking age is 21 in North Dakota.
  • Weed Age
    There is currently no age, as there is no recreational marijuana usage in North Dakota.

If you have heard of PASPA – the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act – you most likely know that the sports betting was limited and contained in more or less every single state of the US. This is part of the reasons why also North Dakota is not very fast in launching new betting opportunities for its residents. Another reason might be the opposition that certain gambling games received, like poker, per example. The good news is that not a long time ago, in 2018, the Supreme Court revoked PASPA and now every state can develop the niche of sports betting online without a single problem. We would like to recommend you the New Jersey sports betting, in case you plan a trip to there. Unfortunately, you will be unable to place your bets in NJ sites as long as you are in North Dakota.

Taxes on Your Winnings: Do You Have to Pay Anything?

Until sports betting is officially legalized in North Dakota, which may come soon, we cannot know for certain what the state will decide in terms of taxation of winnings. But it is likely to follow trends in other U.S. states and in Europe, where many countries implement 5% duty on winnings. It remains to be seen what the legislature will decide, but the North Dakota Tax Commissioner may provide further information when the time comes.

Upcoming Regulation Changes in North Dakota Betting Law

As of writing, no changes in the sports betting law in North Dakota are certain, but that does not mean the betting landscape in the state will stay the same. At this point, about 75% of states have proposed sports betting legislature. North Dakota is one of them. The bill to keep an eye on is HB 1295, which could approve sports betting as a game of chance and outline licensing agreements for potential providers soon.

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