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Sports Betting in Vermont
NCAA Illegal
NCAA Illegal
NCAA Illegal
MLB Illegal

You wonder whether sports betting is legal or not in the state? The short answer is “No” – sports betting is illegal in the state of Vermont, at least at the time of writing this. Technically Vermont allows for pari-mutuel betting on dog and horse races but as there are no race tracks in the state, betting is not an option. Betting on any other sports such as Football is prohibited in the state. Daily Fantasy sports have been legal since 2017 in Vermont, the state being the second to do so.

Gambling Laws in Vermont

Gambling is available in the state of Vermont, but only in very limited varieties. Types of legal gambling include the state Lottery, charitable gambling and pari-mutuel betting. That being said, there are no race tracks in the state, hence pari-mutuel betting is only available in theory. There aren’t any physical casinos in the state, and neither are online casinos an available option to gamble for residents.

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Most Popular Sports in Vermont

Thanks to the different seasons, Vermont has a lot of variety to offer in terms of recreational activities. Skiing and Snowboarding are favorite activities during the winter time, while hiking is a favorite during the fall, spring and summer. There aren’t any major league professional teams in the state, but their collegiate athletic teams draw large crowds and get a lot of support from residents. Favorites here are the basketball, hockey and soccer teams. Residents do follow Major league teams from other states, with favorite being the Boston Red Sox.

National Collegiate Athletics Association – Vermont Catamounts

Based out of Burlington the team competes in the America East Conference and play its home games out of Patrick gym. They have reached the NCAA Division Tournament 7 times and are currently ranked 35th out of 325 teams. All home games are broadcast on ESPN3.

National Collegiate Athletics Association – Vermont Catamounts

The Vermont Catamounts soccer team is ranked 48th out of 189 teams competing on the NCAA Division 1 America East conference. The team practices out of Virtue Field on the University of Vermont’s campus. They qualified for the 2007 Tournament, notably defeating Dartmouth.

National Collegiate Athletics Association – Vermont Catamounts

The Division 1 NCAA team competes in the Hockey East League and are home at the Gutterson Fieldhouse in Burlington. They have appeared in the NCAA Hockey Championship 5 time since 1974. The Catamount have commenced hosting the Catamount Cup in 1990, winning the title 5 times since.

Major League Baseball – Boston Red Sox

Even though an out of state team, the neighboring states’ team Boston Red Sox are an all-time favorite sports team for Vermont residents. They are a Major League Baseball team competing in the American League East division. Since they were established in 1901 the team has won 9 World Series, tied for the 3rdmost of any MLB team in history.

Local History of Sports Betting

In 1960 Vermont opened up toward gambling by legalizing Pari-mutuel betting on horse races. The only horse racing track in the state opened its doors in 1963 but as it never lived up to expectations and it closed its doors in 1976, hence wagering was not possible anymore. In 1976 charitable gambling and the Lottery were approved, with the first Lottery drawing in 1978. As previously mentioned, Daily Fantasy leagues were officially legalized in 2017.

Vermont Sports Betting History
1960 Pari-mutuel betting on horse races is legalized.
1976 lottery Charitable gambling and the State Lottery are approved.
2011 A Plan to build and operate a state casino is rejected at the committee level.
2012 Lottery commission is established and is to consider selling online lottery tickets, introduced by 2013.
2017 Daily Fantasy leagues and wagering on these teams is legalized, the 2nd state to do so.

Legal Online Sports Betting Age in Vermont

As stated previously, the Vermont sports betting activities are not legal and no minimum age has been set. The only form of online wagering currently allowed is that of DFS, where the minimum age is set at 18 by the providers. Looking it with the minimum age set for alcohol and recreational cannabis at 21, it seems suitable to implement the same for online sports betting if it were to be legalized.

  • Sports Betting Age
    Currently sports betting is illegal, hence no legal sports betting age has been set in Vermont
  • Alcohol Age
    The legal drinking age is set at 21
  • Weed Age
    The legal age to consume and purchase recreational cannabis is set at 21

2018 was a year that played a major role in the sports betting industry in the US. That’s the year when sports betting was banned in a multitude of states, but on the other hand, other states ligalized their gambling industries with a number of new laws. Thus, there are many examples for states where sports betting is kind of legal. Examples include the Big Apple, where in 2013, New York passed legislation to allow sports betting at four on-site locations. At the time of writing this, sports betting is possible at casinos and at dedicated physical locations in New York, while online sports betting was theoretically legal without dedicated providers to do so.

Taxes on Your Winnings: Do You Have to Pay Anything?

Sports betting is illegal in the state, at least for now. With this in mind, there is no tax scheme on winnings implemented and it would never be since it is illegal to bet on sports. When looking at similar industries like the state Lottery 6% state income taxes are withheld from any winnings which seem in range with states that have legalized sports betting. It seems if sports betting was to be legalized, it is anticipated that a similar tax rate will be implemented.

Upcoming Regulation Changes in Vermont Sports Betting Law

In early 2019 a bill called H.484 was introduced to propose the legalization of sports wagering in Vermont. Since its introduction, it has been a hot topic as it differs from proposals by any other state in that it allows the state to write rules for licensees to extend credit to sports bettors. It allows for online betting and in-person betting at dedicated kiosks. Progress has been slow and it’s expected to take some time before the current Vermont gambling laws are changed.

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