Guide to Online Gambling in Nebraska: The Best Nebraska Gambling Sites for 2021

Gambling in Nebraska
Sports Illegal
Daily Fantasy Legal Since: 2019
Casino Illegal
Poker Illegal
Lottery Will Be Legal: TBD

The Best DFS Sites in Nebraska

There is a lot of debate whether daily fantasy sport (DFS) contests qualify as a form of gambling or not, and this debate is one of the main reasons that states have failed to pass legislation in favor or opposing daily fantasy sports. At this time, there has been a bill proposed to regulate daily fantasy betting in Nebraska, but the state legislature has not yet placed the bill on the agenda. This situation is similar to many other states, see the DFS in Minnesota, for example. So, although the activity is currently unregulated, the best daily fantasy sites in the United States currently allow players from NE. Below are what I feel are the best Nebraska daily fantasy sports operators:

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Legality of Gambling in Nebraska

Nebraska ranks among the more conservative states when it comes to its gambling laws. The government casts a fairly wide net with its definition of gambling, which is illegal in NE. The Nebraska Department of Revenue is in charge of the legal forms of gambling, such as bingo, raffles, lotteries and gift enterprises.

The NE government states that gambling has three elements. An activity is gambling if an individual wagers something of value (1) on an outcome of an event determined by chance (2), skill games don’t fall under this category. If won, the individual can win something of value (3). Anything that checks these three boxes, is classified as illegal gambling in the state.

As a result, Nebraskans cannot play online casino games or partake in online sports betting. In addition, poker games are also illegal if one must pay to play, or if prizes are awarded to winning participants.

Nebraska Online Sports Betting Sites

As you could imagine, Nebraska has taken a strong stance sports betting. Not only are there no legal bookmakers in the state, Nebraskans have no legal avenues, through which to place online sports bets. If you like to wager on sports, the only two options for NE residents are horserace bets or daily fantasy sports contests. No signs suggest that the state will be changing its stance towards the activity, thus I cannot recommend any Nebraska sports betting sites, because they currently do not exist. Still, for futher details, feel free to give a check to the page dedicated to Nebraska sports betting opportunities.

Online Casinos for Nebraskans

There are no land-based casinos in Nebraska, so if one wanted to play traditional card games, they would have to go to one of the few tribal casinos located on sovereign reservations. Unlike the tribal casinos located within other state territories, the ones found in Nebraska are not allowed to offer slots. Needless to say, Nebraska treats online casino gambling the same as traditional casino play. As a result, there are no Nebraska online casino sites to recommend. Having said that, you can still take a look at our page that discusses the few options that you have if you want to play at a casino in Nebraska.

Nebraska Online Poker Sites

Although some would argue that poker should be classified as a game of skill, Nebraska claims that it still rests on luck, or chance, due to the luck of a draw. As a result, poker falls under the wide umbrella of illegal gambling activities. The only legal place, at which to play poker for cash, is at one of Nebraska’s Indian casinos. Until the state’s laws change, we can’t recommend any online poker sites that accept Nebraska players.

Nebraska Lotteries

The Nebraska State Lottery was launched in 1993 when 63% of Nebraska voters approved an amendment to the state constitution making the Nebraska Lotto the 37th in the nation. Money raised through the lotto is distributed to educational, environmental, and problem gambling funds. There is a version of the online lottery in Nebraska. What the state essentially means by online, is that the game is purchased from a terminal that is connected to the web. Currently it isn’t possible to buy and play the Nebraska lottery from computers or phones. If you’d like to learn more about the NE lottery options, check out the official Nebraska Lottery website. For further information about online lottery options in the state, make sure to check our Nebraska lottery page.

History of Gambling in Nebraska

All forms of gambling were prohibited in Nebraska until 1934. That year, pari-mutuel betting on horse racing was allowed at licensed race tracks. In 1958 the state constitution was amended to permit charitable bingo games. Lotteries, raffles and gift enterprises for charitable purposes were added to the list of legal activities in 1967. In 1988 simulcast betting on horse races (bets on races taking place at a different track than the one that you are at) is legalized.

Nebraska Gambling History
1934 Amendment to the State Constitution legalizes Pari-mutuel horse racing betting.
1958 Charitable bingo is allowed in the state.
1967 Raffles are added to the list of legal charitable games.
1988 Simulcast horse betting is legalized.
2004 Two prospective casinos are blocked with a state vote.
2017-Present A bill for daily fantasy sport competitions is introduced to the state legislature but has yet to make it onto the agenda of law makers.

Nebraska State Facts

On March 1, 1867, Nebraska was the 37th state admitted to the Union. The main economic industries of the Corn Husker State are beef, pork, corn, and other agricultural products. The per capital income of the state ranks 25th in the nation. The territory has a strong economy, which has resulted in a state unemployment rate of 2.8%, which is the 5th lowest in America. Below you can find some key state facts that will help shed light on the economic situation of NE.

Facts About Nebraska
Population 1,929,268
Min. Income/month $1,560
Offline Location Ohiya Casino & Resort
Languages English 93%, Spanish 6.5%, Vietnamese 0.4%
Sports Team Nebraska Huskers Football
Tax Authority
State Law N/A
Winning Tax 25%
State Website
Famous Gamblers Daniel Sindelar

Gambling Age in Nebraska

The legal age, at which one can engage in Nebraska casino gambling, is 21 years old. If you’d like to play the Nebraska State Lotto, you must be 19 years of age. Nebraska has the 4th highest minimum lottery age just behind Arizona, Iowa and Louisiana, which have all set the minimum age at 21 years old.

  • Online Gambling Age:
    The legal age for lottery participation is 19+. To gamble at a tribal casino, players must be 21+.
  • Alcohol Age
    Legal age for the possession and consumption of alcohol is 21+. The only exception to the rule is consumption for religious purposes or if one consumes in their permanent residence.
  • Weed Age
    In Nebraska, the purchase of or use of cannabis is illegal for all purposes, regardless if medical or recreational.

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

Because Nebraska has legal forms of gambling, the state takes responsibility to help those with an unhealthy relationship to gambling. In 2016, Nebraska ranked 6th out of 50 states with regards to public funds invested into problem gambling services. The state lotto is large revenue stream for NE’s problem gambling services. The state agency in charge of combatting unhealthy behavior, is the Nebraska Commission on Problem Gambling. On the Commission’s website, you can find helplines, as well as professional and private resources.

Upcoming Regulation and Expected Changes

When reading this page, it becomes evident that Nebraska has stricter laws than other states when it comes to gambling. Although there are some legal land-based betting options, online gambling is currently not legal in the state. My team and I work hard to keep abreast of the legal developments in NE and will update should anything change. However, there is no indicator that Nebraska online gambling sites will be arriving anytime soon. Meanwhile, you can check the online gambling sites in the US for more details.

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