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Online Lottery in New Hampshire
Draw Games Legal Since: 2011
Instant Games Legal Since: 2011
Fast Play Games Legal Since: 2011
Keno Legal Since: 2011
Virtual Sports To Be Legalized
Currently, there are legal New Hampshire lottery online sites. Residents in New Hampshire can play in a variety of different lottery games. Players can play both online at a New Hampshire lottery website and by purchasing tickets in physical retailers. New Hampshire players can take part in Mega Millions, Powerball, Lucky for Life, which are all multi-jurisdictional games.

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New Hampshire Lottery Games

The online lottery in New Hampshire is very well-developed. Many players from the state can enjoy different lottery games. Besides, online lotto game variations are very attractive and players from New Hampshire have the chance to try out some of the most attractive online lotto games. The navigation below will help you to find out the New Hampshire lotto online games that are available at the best New Hampshire lotto sites.

We are sure that the variety of the lotto games that you can choose from at the top lotto sites in New Hampshire will intrigue you a lot. This is why we have decided to analyse each of the most popular lotto game variations that are available for players in NH. Besides, we will tell you what are the main differences and the major advantages of each lotto game variation.

New Hamphire Lottery Draw Games

The New Hampshire draw games are among the most popular and extremely admired lotto games. The best part is that the lotto draw games that are available in New Hampshire are the ones that are popular throughout other states in the US too. Besides, in New Hampshire, those lotto draw games are accessible online.

  • Lucky for Life
  • Mega Millions
  • Powerball

The New Hampshire lottery online draw games that players from the state can play online are Lucky for Life, Mega Millions and Powerball. Keep in mind that the Powerball lotto game is famous for the biggest lotto jackpot ever won. And Mega Millions undoubtedly is an excellent choice for people who want to have a great time through the NH online lottery!

NH Lottery Instant Games (Scratch-Offs)

The NH players who want to enjoy different lotto games than the traditional and most attractive draw games can still try out the various instant lotto games. Those are also the so-called New Hampshire lottery scratch off games. They are very attractive to players in New Hampshire because they are very easy and simple to play.

  • Bonus Quick 7s
  • Merry Money
  • Perfect 10s
  • 10X Bonus
  • Tic Tac 2’s
  • Heads or Tails
  • Great 8’s
  • Silver Dollar

Moreover, those instant New Hampshire lotto online games can be played through the official website of the New Hampshire lottery. There, you can make a quick registration and deposit to buy a scratch-off ticket. If you want to play New Hampshire lottery online, this will increase your gambling chances and will offer you a very good alternative gaming experience online.

Fast Play Lottery Games in New Hamphire

Fast play lottery games are yet another very attractive option. Those games can offer you reasonably quick and good rewards. Besides, fast lotto game tickets are usually very cheap to buy. It will cost you almost nothing to buy a ticket online. But the prizes can be quite tempting. Some of the New Hampshire lottery fast play games can offer you attractive prizes ranging from $500 to $2500.

  • Crazy Diamonds
  • Gold Rush
  • Holiday Match Doubler
  • Strike
  • 9s in a Line
  • Electric 8’s
  • Lucky X10
  • Moose Money Multiplier
  • Dollar Doubler
  • Fabulous 5’s
  • Roulette Riches
  • Wild Card Joker

What makes the fast play lotto games so popular in New Hampshire is their simplicity. And if you want to try them out online, you should just enter the official New Hampshire lotto site and buy an instant lotto game ticket to try your luck out. It is as easy as that. The ticket prices vary from $1 to $5.


Keno games are among the other very popular types of lotto games. Players in New Hampshire show great interest in Keno games too. Besides, the possibility to play them online is also very attractive. As online lotto in the state is legal, many of the keenest NH lotto players also choose to try out different online Keno games.

Keno 603 is one of the most popular New Hampshire online lotto games. It is very preferred by the majority of lotto lovers in the state because it offers drawings constantly and the prizes are very generous too. Besides, Keno has very attractive odds that also catch the attention of many NH punters.

Virtual Sports

The online gambling laws in New Hampshire are currently allowing online sports betting too. In fact, at the official website of the New Hampshire Lottery, you can find separate sports sections. Besides, you can also find the legalized and authorized gaming sites that can offer online betting services in the state.

However, the official website of the New Hampshire state lottery does not promote any virtual sports online. Instead, players can check the official partner sites of the licensed online operators. They do offer very well-managed sports betting services online that also deserve the attention of NH punters.

New Hampshire Lottery Odds

What makes New Hampshire lottery games very popular is the simple gameplay and the lucrative jackpots that can be won. However, there is yet another factor that determines their attractiveness. Like any other online gambling games, lotto games also have to offer convenient New Hampshire lottery odds. The probability of winning and the eventual chances thrill many of the players in New Hampshire too. The table below can show you the average RTP rates and best odds New Hampshire lottery games.

Best Odds New Hampshire Lottery Games:

New Hamshire Lottery Game Odds
Powerball 1:292,201,338
Mega Millions 1:302,575,350
Keno 603 1:15.73
Megabucks 1:4,496,388
Lucky for Life 1:30,821,472
ELECTRIC 8’S 1:4.57
Gimme 5 1:575,757
Crazy Diamonds 1:4.15
New Hampshire Lottery Game Odds
Gold Rush 1:4.25
Wild Card Joker 1:3.68
Fabulous 5’s 1: 3.83
Granite State Jackpot 1: 3.67
Bonus Quick 7s 1:4.58
Perfect 10s 1:4.72
Heads or Tails 1:4.52
Wonder Buck$ 1:4.50

As you can see, the NH online lotto games have very attractive odds. Besides, some of the keenest lotto lovers in New Hampshire know how to calculate the odds and make better predictions depending on the rules of the specific online lotto game. Knowing the odds of a particular lotto game can give you a certain advantage throughout the gameplay.

New Hampshire Lottery Bonus Offers

When it comes to playing online lotto games, players need to have the chance to grab some attractive bonus offers. Many online lotto sites offer special NH lottery promotions to new customers who register for the first time and deposit. Welcome bonuses are essential because they can help players make their first steps when they decide to start using the gaming services of a particular lotto site.

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Over $10 Million Won in Prizes

Players from New Hampshire can find lots of lotto games at the official NH online lottery website. However, there are no dedicated welcome bonuses there. On the other hand, NH punters can check the partner websites and the licensed online lotto sites in the state. They do offer some tempting bonus offers.

No Deposit Bonus

As we are talking about bonus offers, we should also mention yet some other types of promotions that also provoke great interest among online players. The so-called no deposit bonuses are usually gifts that players get once they register. No deposit bonuses are quite tempting because they don’t require any initial deposit to be made once you decide to play New Hampshire lottery online.

No Deposit Bonus

Over $10 Million Won in Prizes

Many online lotto sites also offer special no deposit bonuses. However, currently, no deposit lotto bonuses are unavailable at the best New Hampshire lotto sites. Instead, the lotto sites in New Hampshire rely on their well-thought-out welcome bonuses. The attractive prizes that they can offer still worth the attention.

Other Promotions

Online lotto enthusiasts can always try out the other regular promotions at the best NH online lotto sites that are licensed and allowed to offer gaming services on the territory of the state. If we have to be honest, some of the legit gaming sites offer promotions for regular customers that are interesting and can attract the attention of many online lotto players too.

New Hampshire Lottery App for Android and iPhone

As New Hampshire does have a legal lottery and NH online lottery, the official website is very good and allows players to purchase tickets, check results and look for new New Hampshire lotto online games. There is no New Hampshire lottery app for android, neither a New Hampshire lottery app for iPhone. But the website is mobile responsive and works well while on the go. Thus, playing lotto through any Android or iOS device is more than easy.

  1. NH lotto site is mobile-friendly
  2. All lotto games available on the go
  3. You can buy tickets online.
  4. You can check your numbers in the go.

To play on the go, it will be best to use the mobile app. It is very easy to download and install any mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Below, you can see our top recommended online lotto operator in New Hampshire. You can use the link that we have provided and download its app on your mobile device for a better gambling experience on the go.

Top Lottery App

Over $10 Million Won in Prizes

Mobile gambling is among the fastest developing trends in the iGaming industry. This is why the fact that the online lotto games in New Hampshire can be accessed on the go is a strong advantage. The analysis shows that many lotto players in New Hampshire prefer to use their mobile phones and play their favorite lotto games on the go.

Deposits and Withdrawals

When it comes to playing the online lottery in New Hampshire, customers can choose between the most popular payment systems. For instance, the official website of the NH Lottery offers the most preferred payment systems such as Visa and Mastercard. Some of the partner lotto sites also offer even more convenient payment options.

Visa Available

Visa Available
Over $10 Million Won in Prizes

Keep in mind that the withdrawal options are also convenient. Luckily, through the gaming site of the NH Lottery, players can also cash out their winnings. Moreover, the withdrawal time will be relatively fast, depending on the money processor that you have chosen. This is yet another vital feature that will increase the satisfaction rate among online lotto players in New Hampshire.

Claim Winnings

There are several ways to claim your winnings from the New Hampshire lottery games. As online lotto games are legal, you can deposit and play online through the official website of the New Hampshire Lottery and the other partner gaming sites such as Jackpocket. This means that you can also cash out your winnings using the available payment methods. However, you can also visit the nearest ticket retailer and claim your winnings on site.

Play New Hampshire Lottery Online: How to Get Started

New Hampshire is one of the few states with an iLottery. The site allows players to purchase their tickets anytime and anywhere, as long as you are in New Hampshire at the time of purchase. Here are the steps that you need to take to start playing the online lottery in New Hampshire:

  1. Enter the NH lottery official website.
  2. Click on the “Register” button to create a personal account.
  3. Complete the registration form.
  4. Choose your preferred payment method from the available options.
  5. Select the online lotto game that you want to play and buy a ticket online.

There are online lotteries available in New Hampshire. Not only can residents purchase tickets for two of the United States biggest lotteries, Powerball and Mega Millions, players can also play a variety of instant win New Hampshire lottery games on the official website. Players can also check previous draws, check their tickets, find out what games are available in stores and also discover where the money generated by lottery sales goes to.

Lottery Law in New Hampshire

Lottery in the state of New Hampshire is legal. Besides, NH iLottery games are also allowed on the territory of the state. However, only the official website of the NH Lottery, as well as several partner gaming sites, are allowed to offer online lotto games. The operators that offer online lotto in New Hampshire are licensed and work under strict regulations.

The official gambling regulatory institution in the state is the Licensing and Enforcement Division of New Hampshire Lottery. This division is responsible for regulating the lotto gaming activities throughout the territory of the state. This institution also issues licenses to operators that offer online lotto games as well as other online gambling services.

Online Lottery Gambling Age in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has a minimum age of 18, this is the average across the United States. In Nebraska, the age is 19, whereas Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana requires players to be at least 21 years old. However, you should note that underage gambling is considered illegal and all lotto winnings can be taken away if the minimum age isn’t met. Consequences include either a heavy fine or a jail sentence.

Keep in mind that like many other states, New Hampshire has strict gambling laws. If you somehow try to violate the gambling age and decide to gamble, it is very likely to be prosecuted and your penalty will be for real.

  • Online Lottery Age
    The legal age in New Hampshire is 18.
  • Alcohol Age
    The legal drinking age is 21 in New Hampshire.
  • Weed Age
    Recreational cannabis is illegal in New Hampshire so there is no minimum age

Taxes on Your Winnings: Do You Have to Pay Anything?

New Hampshire residents who collect winnings in a lottery prize will have to pay taxes on their win. For winnings over $5,000, the federal tax will be collected at the rate of 25%, although the tax rate could be as high as 35%. Non-residents of the United States who win will have to pay 30% in tax for any wins over $599.

History of New hampshire Lottery

In New Hampshire, the lottery has a long history. The first gaming activities that included the lottery date back to the 1600s with the establishment of the first American colonies. In those years, the lottery was used to finance the colonies. However, during the years, the NH lottery started to develop and underwent vast changes. Below is a breakdown of the history of the lottery the state of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Lotto History
1607 The very first American colony is established in Jamestown, Virginia. Gambling is brought to America with the colonies and spreads as a popular past time and source of revenue. Jamestown uses lotteries to finance their colony. Soon all 13 of the first colonies are using lotteries for income.
1963 The first Sweepstakes bill is signed into law in April. This was the historic moment that the first legal lottery was introduced into the country. Other states would begin to follow suit.
1971 This year saw the introduction of a second lottery game.
1977 1977 saw the very first lottery game that was number based, Daily Numbers 3, the game came into play in March and was very popular.
1985 The first multistate lottery group formed, Tri-State Lotto Compact was formed with Maine and Vermont. The first game was Tri-State Megabucks, pick 6 numbers from 1 to 30.

Famous Winners – New Hampshire’s Powerball Multi-Millionaire

One winner in New Hampshire collected a massive $560 million on the Powerball. Although the winner is fighting to remain anonymous. She is hopeful she can keep her identity a secret and carry on with her normal life. Her aim is to give back to the community and state that has given so much to her over her life.

Jane Doe was not the only winner in this case as the owner of the shop where the ticket was sold, claimed $75,000 for selling the ticket! The biggest issue around Jane Doe’s anonymity is that she signed the back of the lottery ticket, rather than it being signed by a trustee.

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

Online gambling in New Hampshire is strictly regulated. The official institutions at the state pay serious attention to players’ safety. This is why online operators that want to offer online gambling services in the state need to possess a license from the respective regulatory bodies. This will guarantee that they can provide customers with the most strict security features.

On the other hand, to strengthen their legitimacy, licensed lotto sites in New Hampshire promote responsible gambling. The official website of the New Hampshire lottery as well as the other partner companies offer links to responsible gambling institutions. This is an additional security measure that can help players fight problem gambling.

Is Online NH iLottery Legal Outside of the State?

Online lottery in the US is legal in eight states for the time being. However, there was a new statement from the US DOJ in 2011 which prohibits the Federal Wire Act to be applicable for anything other than sports betting. Before these changes, the act didn’t allow any forms of interstate gambling and its main purpose was to help the US government fight organized crime and trafficking.

Online lotteries were considered illegal until 2011, but this changed soon due to states taking matters into their own hands. Some of the states which have successfully passed online lotteries are New Hampshire, Illinois, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, and Kentucky. When it comes to Europe, the biggest lottery named EuroMillions is available there in Ireland, the UK, Spain, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, and Portugal.

Upcoming Regulation Changes to Be Aware Of

The State has it all, they have a state lottery and they have a NH iLottery. The main things that could come in for the state down the line would be more variety on the ticket games that can be purchased online, at the minute it is only Mega Millions and Powerball.

The lottery is hugely popular in New Hampshire and more New Hampshire lotto online games could be introduced, although it is more likely that the new additions to the NH iLottery market will be more instant win online games available in the NH iLottery section of the official website.

Lottery Guides for Nearby States

Frequently Asked Questions About New Hampshire Lottery Sites

We hope that this article helped you to find useful information regarding the New Hampshire online lottery. However, if you still need more details and want to check other stats, then have a look at the section below. Here, we have provided you with brief answers to the most frequently asked questions about the lottery in New Hampshire.

Where can I play New Hampshire lottery online?

Online lotto games are available at the official website of the New Hampshire lottery. There, you can choose from different lotto games. However, you can also check the official partner sites of the NH lottery. They can also offer you different online lotto games to choose from. Most important is the fact that they are licensed and secured.

What's the New Hampshire lottery official site?

The official website of the New Hampshire lottery is very convenient for those who like to play lotto games. There, you can find information about the results from the draws of the different lotto games. However, what makes the official NH lottery site so attractive is the fact that you can play all lotto games online.

Is there a New Hampshire lottery app for Android or iPhone?

The official website of the New Hampshire lottery does not offer dedicated mobile apps for Android or iOS devices. Nonetheless, the website can be accessed through any smartphone or tablet. This means that you can still play your favourite New Hampshire lottery games or check your results on the go.

Where can I find the New Hampshire lottery bonus code?

The official website of the New Hampshire lottery does not promote any specific New Hampshire lottery bonus code offers. However, keep in mind that the official partner websites that also offer online lotto games have various interesting promotions. There you can find some bonus offers that will be suitable for online lotto players.

What New Hampshire lottery game has the best odds?

Online lotto games are preferred by many players because they are simple and at the same time offer very attractive prizes. However, each online lotto New Hampshire game has specific odds. They can determine the potential winning chances. Many punters examine the best lotto odds carefully to choose the game that will be more suitable.

Is the New Hampshire lottery legit and safe?

Yes, New Hampshire online lottery is strictly regulated by the official authorities in the state. The New Hampshire gambling laws allow online lottery games. However, only the official NH lottery site, as well as several licensed operators, are allowed to offer online lotto games to NH players. Punters’ safety is guaranteed by strict regulations and tools for responsible gambling.

Can you buy lottery tickets online in New Hampshire?

Yes, you can. To do this, you have to visit the official New Hampshire lottery website. It is the only site which is authorized to sell tickets for the state lottery online. Besides, the New Hampshire lottery site offers the most used payment methods. You will be able to buy a ticket for any of the available lotto draw games.

Are there any New Hampshire lottery instant games secrets?

No, the rules of the New Hampshire online lottery instant games are very simple and do not require that you have specific gambling skills. On the other hand, there are still some details that you can analyze. You can check the odds for the preferred instant online lotto game. This can help you make a gaming strategy.

How to check New Hampshire lottery tickets online?

One good feature of the official New Hampshire lottery website is the fact that you can check your lottery ticket online. To do so, you have to enter the website and go to the “Winning Numbers” section and select the “Check Your Tickets” tab. You can check the tickets even for the online Keno games available in New Hampshire.

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