Guide to Online Gambling in Oklahoma: The Best Oklahoma Gambling Sites for 2021

Gambling in Oklahoma
Sports Illegal
Daily Fantasy Legal Since: 2019
Casino Illegal
Poker Illegal
Lottery Will Be Legal: TBD

Oklahoma Daily Fantasy Sports

Oklahoma has fairly strict laws when it comes to gambling. It is illegal to bet on any unlicensed games. Daily fantasy sports (DFS) operates in a grey area. Some states have ruled that the activity constitutes a form of gambling, while other states view DFS as a skill-based game. Oklahoma has yet to make a ruling on DFS contests, and as a result the best daily fantasy sites are accessible to Oklahoma residents. However, we don’t know how long that will be the case. In 1999 the state’s Attorney General made a ruling that many feel sets a legal precedent and might lead to the banning of DFS in OK. For details, you can visit our page about Oklahoma daily fantasy betting too. On the other hand, this is not the only state that legalised this type of entertainment, and you can check also other places like Illinois daily fantasy betting.

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Gambling Laws in Oklahoma

Before one engages in any gambling activity, it is essential that they know the legal situation of the state, in which they are playing. Oklahoma itself is quite limited when it comes to legal forms of gambling. The state houses a total of two racinos (horse race tracks with onsite casinos), in which players can play slots as well as traditional casinos games like roulette. In addition, the state reigns supreme when it comes to tribal casinos. OK residents can choose from any of the 137 casinos on sovereign tribal lands.

There are no poker rooms in the state, but this is because of a large number of casino options renders poker rooms useless. One can simply visit any of the legal gambling institutions within OK. Sports betting is illegal in Oklahoma. Pari-mutuel bets on horse racing are permitted, however. Although Oklahomans have many choices when it comes to legal gambling, they are extremely limited when it comes to online play. Currently, there are no legal online channels for gambling in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Sports Betting Sites

The Sooner State has its fair share of sports fever. Not only are the Sooners (CFB) and Thunder immensely popular in OK, but they are also some of the biggest sports teams in the country. After the U.S. Senate overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PAPSA), one would assume Oklahoma was ripe for the picking. This hasn’t been the case, and sports betting in both online and offline forms are not legal in the state of Oklahoma. In fact, former OKC detective Roland Benavides was arrested for placing sports bets online. For this reason, there are no available Oklahoma sports betting websites. Still, you can take a look at the details that our team thought of sharing with you about Oklahoma sports betting opportunities.

Oklahoma Online Casinos

The state gambling law section of this page shows that Oklahomans have a lot of options when it comes to legally licensed casino gaming. State residents can visit one of over 100 gambling establishments. At Oklahoma casinos, you can find all the traditional gambling games including slots and card games. Unfortunately, online casinos are not legal in Oklahoma. However, if you want to know more about the casino landscape in this state, make sure to check our guide about casinos in Oklahoma!

Online Poker in Oklahoma

You probably have already guessed, but online poker is illegal in the state of Oklahoma. There are no legal sites available to state residents, so we advise that you stick to one of the many legal avenues to play poker available to residents. Stay clear of any poker sites that accept Oklahomans, for these are illegal and untrustworthy.

The Oklahoma Lottery

Players in Oklahoma can participate in both state and national lotteries. Oklahoma state lottery was implemented with the intention of raising funds for the state’s public-school system. As of February 2019, the Lottery had raised $895,477,451 for state primary, secondary, and higher education. As of this time, it is not possible to play the state lotteries online. If you wish to participate in one of the state lottery games, visit the official website of the OK Lotto. You can also take a look at our article about Oklahoma lottery.

History of Gambling in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s relationship to gambling has always been a tense one. Although there are heaps of casinos within state territory, this wasn’t always the case. At the turn of the 20th century, the state banned all forms of gambling on moral grounds. This law stood in place until the 80s when tribal gambling was allowed thanks to federal law. The fact that the state is the pinnacle of tribal gaming only highlights the territory’s complex and tragic history with the country’s Indian populations. Below you’ll find some of the key dates in OK’s history of gambling legislation.

Oklahoma Gambling History
1916 Oklahoma bans all forms of gambling.
1982 Pari-mutuel horse racing is legislated in the state, and eventually is legalized in 1983.
1987 The Choctaw tribe opens the first high-stakes bingo room on their lands.
2004 State allows Native American tribes to offer class 3 (traditional slots) casino games at their casinos.
2013 Oklahoma tribes are denied permission to open online poker rooms.
2017 A Daily fantasy sports bill is introduced but has yet to be approved.

Oklahoma State Facts

Oklahoma became the 46th state to join the union on November 16, 1907. The stat’s name derives from the Choctaw words okla and humma meaning “rede people.” After CA, Oklahoma has the second largest Native American population in the country. Below, you will find some key state facts, which may be useful for understanding gambling in the state.

Facts About Oklahoma
Population 3,930,864
Min. Income $1,256.67
Biggest Offline Gambling Location WinStar World & Casino Resort
Gambling Commissioner
Spoken Languages English 93%, Spanish 6%, Native American Language(s) 0.4%
Biggest Local Sports Team
Oklahoma Tax Authority
Link to the State Law
Gambling Winning Tax 25%
State Website Link
Famous Local Gamblers Berry Johnston

Gambling Age in Oklahoma

The age at which someone is legally allowed to gamble in the state of Oklahoma is 18 years of age. However, some casinos serve alcohol on the game room floor and have chosen to only allow players 21 years of age or older on casino premises. The legal drinking age in the state is 21 years of age.

  • Online Gambling Age:

    The legal gambling age is 18 years as per the state law, but some casinos serve only players who are 21+div>

  • Alcohol Age
    The legal drinking age in Oklahoma is 21+.
  • Weed Age
    Currently marijuana is not legal for recreational use in OK.

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

As with any state that has legalized forms of gambling, Oklahoma does have to deal with the occasional issues that arise from problem gambling. Legislative action in the state sees that some revenue from the OK lottery and tribal gaming is donated to help fund programs that address problem gambling. Should you feel like you are one of those unlucky to have developed a gaming problem, visit one of the sites geared towards helping Oklahoma’s problem gamblers. These are the websites of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and the Oklahoma Association for Problem and Compulsive Gambling.

Upcoming Regulation and Expected Changes

We try and stay up to date as much as possible regarding the legal gambling situation in the US. In Oklahoma, it appears that the state’s government may be softening its opinions towards sports gambling, but there is no indication that the state’s laws will change anytime soon. Until further notice, there are no plans to legalize online gambling in the state.

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