Guide to Online Casinos in Washington: The Best Washington Casino Sites for 2021

Online Casinos in Washington
Online Slots Illegal
Online Roulette Illegal
Online Blackjack Illegal
Live Casino Illegal

The current status of the Washington online casinos industry is completely illegal. Unlike many other states that we have reviewed in this series, Washington has explicit laws regarding the usage of “unregulated online gambling”, which has been completely outlawed. So there you have it, residents in this state can and have been prosecuted for accessing and using “off-shore” gambling vendors that are in the eyes of the Evergreen State lawmakers, unregulated and illegal. Throughout this review we’ll dive into more details on what exactly is going on legally with this industry, and bring you more on the culture and infrastructure for gambling in the state of Washington.

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Available Casino Games in Washington

Unfortunately for residents of Washington State, the local laws are some of the strictest out of any state in the country when it comes to online casinos. But fear not, there are plenty of commercial venues, and tribal owned casinos that offer a multitude of table games and slots. In fact, Washington is one of the states that have established one of the best brick and mortar industry’s in the North-West. Below you can see some of the most popular games available at these locations.

  • Roulette: the USA and EU variation of the classic casino game are available in the Evergreen State.
  • Blackjack: beat the dealer at one of Washington’s tribal or commercial venues.
  • Poker: Texas hold ’em is one of the most popular card games in Washington state.
  • Craps: the popular dice rolling game is one of the best games for average gambler profit.
  • Slots: many fantastic slot machines exist in the Washington state casinos.

Biggest State Land-Based Casinos

Unlike the other US online gambling locations, the state prohibits internet-based gaming due to the state’s huge market for the land based casinos on the tribal reserves. This extra revenue stream makes a huge difference at rebalancing the scales, and going someway to provide economic relief to the impoverished communities. In the list below we explore the biggest and best brick & mortar locations to enjoy the live casino experience in the state of Washington.

  1. Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort: 15347 Suquamish Way NE, Suquamish, WA 98392
  2. Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort: 3438 Stoluckquamish Ln, Arlington, WA 98223
  3. Silver Reef Casino Resort: 4876 Haxton Way, Ferndale, WA 98248
  4. The Skagit Casino Resort: 5984 Darrk Ln, Bow, WA 98232
  5. Little Creek Casino Resort: 91 WA-108, Shelton, WA 98584

History of Casino Gambling in Washington

In order to give you a complete understanding of the Washington online casino infrastructure, it’s important to grasp the historical dynamic of key milestones. In the Evergreen State there has typically been a very conservative approach towards gambling. But what specifically has happened in the previous decades to warrant such an anti-online gambling stance. Let’s take a closer look at all the pivotal moments in the history of this state.

Washington Casino Laws History and Facts
1933 The state begins to formalize horse racing – with the industry experiencing rapid growth legislative action is being called for. In 1933, Washington state introduces pari-mutuel betting regulations for all horse races within the Evergreen State.
1973 In a watershed moment, the state legislature agrees that charity gambling is allowed within the state. This covers bingo, pull-machines, raffles and charity casino evenings.
1982 In a move that residents had been yearning for several years, the state of Washington officially recognizes the need for a state lottery. Residents now have the weekly opportunity to win millions of dollars.
1991 Following the successful completion of the Federal Indian Gambling Regulation Act in 1988, the native Washington state tribes begin establishing, operating and constructing casino venues across the reservation territory.
1997 Card rooms are legalized throughout the state. Allowing residents to engage in non-banked peer-to-peer gambling such as poker.
2006 The law in Washington state is passed making it illegal to gamble online.
2010 A landmark bill to legalize online poker and establish an inter-state network of vendors fails in the Supreme Court.
2016 Pressure mounts from lobbyists to legalize online sports betting throughout the state, but lawmakers are defiant and continue to resist any significant changes to the online gambling laws.

Casino Gambling Age in Washington

Due to the strict laws regarding online gambling in Washington state, you’ll not be able to do this in any legal capacity, no matter what your age is. But there are plenty of tribal casino locations around the state that offer gambling to persons 18 and over. You will also be able to enjoy a gambling and casino experience at charitable occasions, or in regulated peer-to-peer card rooms. Below we look at some of the key age milestones for certain vices in the Evergreen State.

  • Online Casino Age
    Online casinos are completely illegal here. You won’t be able to access them in a legal capacity, no matter your age.
  • Alcohol Age
    The national limit for consuming alcohol in the United States is 21 years old.
  • Weed Age
    In 2012 Washington became the first state in the United States to legalize marijuana for users 21 years old and over.

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

The key advantage to operating and maintaining a regulated casino industry is the support network that burgeons from it. For the players, there are numerous advantages to this. Protections against gambling addiction are enforced, and an ethos of responsible gambling is promoted and marketed toward the player base. Due to Washington online casinos being completely illegal, there is still an absence of any clearly defined gambling regulation or protections in the online space. Of course, gambling in the tribal casinos will come with key process regulatory measures that take into serious consideration the welfare of the customers.

Can I Play Without Deposit?

You will struggle to find a casino in Washington that is will to let you play the games without betting real-money, this is one of the major disadvantages of not having access to an online casino network. In states that haven’t specifically outlawed access to online casinos, users are able to join casino services and play with trial funds for a short period. Customers prove time and time again that having a chance to experience the games without making a large financial commitment will encourage to ultimately settle at the casino. Some players just need to conduct appropriate due-diligence before jumping in feet first.

Upcoming Casino Regulation and Expected Changes

Looking pragmatically at the chances of law change in  Washington gambling gives a rather bleak outlook. Multiple times advocates for the legalization of online casinos have been voted down in the state legislature, and it seems nobody is willing to throw their weight behind the introduction of a newly regulated online casinos industry. But with many states now leaning towards the introduction of an inter-state network of casinos, pressure is mounting. It may be sooner rather than later that we see the Evergreen State offering fully regulated gaming options to its residents.

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