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Sports Betting in Alaska
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Alaska is a vast wilderness that has Arctic weather and extremely remote towns and municipalities within its territory. Casinos and all forms of sports betting have been completely illegal for many decades in the state, but there are some variations on gambling that residents can enjoy. Although the future of the law is uncertain, there have been significant efforts recently to drive a change in the attitude of Alaskan residents. The goal is to bring a new era of online betting that can be enjoyed by residents across the entire state, both at physical locations and in the online realm.

Gambling Laws in Alaska

Thanks to the willpower and perseverance of the New Jersey state legislature, sports betting law in the United States is once again each state right to legalise or prohibit. The ruling that was made in 2018 effectively ended the previous rule of federal law, the Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. This law was originally drafted with the intention that professional sports are very prone to corruption. The laws were set up to protect the integrity of sports, and the effect has been generally positive. But given the fact that European sports remain clean and largely free of match-fixing, the system is proven to work if the correct regulation is applied and implemented. The question now is one of morality. Each state must decide if they have a significant demand to allow for sports betting on existing. They should also know if this would at all impede any ongoing efforts to re-distribute wealth amongst native American communities, without damaging their business interests.

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  • We closely follow sources in Alaska and monitor any changes in the tax laws relating to betting at the Alaska Department of Revenue.
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  • We have extensive experience in creating free gambling guides and operator reviews. Some or most popular articles are about slot games and roulette.

Most Popular Sports in Alaska

Alaska is a very remote part of the United States, but residents still love to spectate and play sports recreationally and professionally. The four main representatives of Alaska’s love for sport are represented in the sections below. The majority of fans of sports betting in Alaska will look to foreign divisions for entertainment, as the worlds most talented players often play far from the humble terrain of the Alaskan wilderness.

Football Association Soccer Alaska – For the Locals

There are several organizations that support the welfare and maintenance of soccer facilities in the state of Alaska. Soccer Alaska is the Anchorage based institution that represents the interests of everybody in the state who is associated with the sport. Their resilience in the face of such harsh conditions at times, and with a very small population of players has been nothing short of remarkable.

Indoor Football League – The Alaska Wild

Due to the violent nature of the Alaskan weather system, it is incredibly difficult for any serious sports leagues to thrive and prosper. The weather and the small population of willing participants make the sport very much a hobby rather than a profession in Alaska. But with the construction of many indoor sports centres, it is becoming possible. The Alaska Wild football team are a testament to that and play in the professional division, Indoor Football League Pacific North Division.

Alaska Nanooks – The College Skaters

Ice Hockey in Alaska is spearheaded by the University of Alaska team, the Alaska Nanooks. They play in the NCAA Division I and produce some top talented players that have gone on to glory in the NHL over the past decades. This state truly loves Ice Hockey, and it is largely considered to be the sport that people turn to en masse in Alaska.

National Basketball League – Golden State Superiority

Alaska has basketball teams, but they are generally represented at the college level. Again, it is the University of Alaska that leads the way on this front. They have a couple of teams for men and women, and their top-level men’s team are currently competing in the NCAA competitively.

History of Sports Betting in Alaska

Alaska has long been a state where the gambling man ventured to try and make a fortune. In the late 19th century, the thin strip of land that borders British Columbia and the Pacific Ocean became extremely hot property. Gold prospectors found what they were looking for and news quickly spread causing a mass migration and hot-political land grab over the region. The frenzy brought with it infrastructure and the establishment of towns in the region, but it was somewhat short-lived and the mass migration slowed and eventually stopped when the gold supply seemed to run out.

Alaska Sports Betting History
1960 The Department of Revenue acts upon the original gambling laws and becomes the official overseer.
1984 Pull tab games at casinos where punters can also bet on the outcome of horses become legalized by the Department of Revenue
1993 The Alaskan municipality takes full control of third-party gambling institutions, raising their contributions to 30% in certain areas.
1995 A loophole in Alaskan Law that allowed sports betting to take place on Cruise ships off the coast is closed.
2011 Golf video games that were pay-to-play with a financial incentive for the winner are deemed to be gambling and banned.

Legal Online Sports Betting Age in Alaska

There are many vices that local residents love to indulge in, but the online form of Alaska sports betting is completely illegal. As shown in the table below, Alaskans have the freedom to consume marijuana-based products, and drink alcohol. Both are for over 21’s only. Living in the Arctic weather system would certainly be a very depressing place without these two popular sedatives!

  • Sports Betting Age
    Completely illegal currently in Alaska.
  • Alcohol Age
    The minimum legal age of drinking in Alaska is 21.
  • Marijuana Age
    Private consumption for over 21 is legal.

There are certain states that you can gamble in to the fullest in the physical aspect, and in the online space. So why not get on a plane and head on down to New Jersey. With the most liberal of all gambling laws, and leading the fight for fully licensed online betting, they really have it all going for them.

Taxes on Your Winnings: Do You Have to Pay Anything?

There are always taxes to pay, no matter where you spend your money. For online gambling, if it were to be legalised in the state of Alaska eventually, provisions for the tax dollars would certainly need to be introduced. There are a few proposals to implement this, maybe one that follows a European model, which imposes a small percentage on the winnings of punters.

Upcoming Changes in Sports Betting Law

If you’re looking for changes in the legislation concerning online gambling in Alaska, then you could be sorely disappointed. The new regulations and ruling of the Supreme Court granted merely freedom for the state to impose its changes to the law. However, the Alaskan people have shown little motivation for this to happen and the last time any meaningful change to the gambling laws of the state was introduced was back in 2011.

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