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Sports Betting in Kansas
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Kansas offers a diverse range of gambling options, including many casinos, poker rooms state-run lotteries, horse and greyhound-racing and more. However, certain types of gambling have not been legalized. Online casinos, poker and sports betting are illegal, though Daily Fantasy play was opened up with the signing of a bill in 2015. The state’s legislature has introduced several bills pertaining to sports betting in the last year, particularly since the striking down of PASPA by the U.S. Supreme Court. So, Kansas sports betting could be a reality soon.

Gambling Laws in Kansas

Those in Kansas have several legal options for gambling, in particular within casinos. Unfortunately, though the law does not specifically outlaw online casinos, they are not technically legal either, and this grey area means there are not yet any legal options for online betting for Kansas residents. In 2015, a bill was signed by then-Gov. Sam Brownback, allowing for real-money Daily Fantasy gambling in the state and opening up the state’s betting landscape significantly. Currently a new bill, HB 2086, which proposes making sports wagering legal by expanding the Kansas lottery act, is making its way through the legislature.

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Most Popular Sports in Kansas

Kansas residents enjoy a number of sports, both as players and fans. The state has one Major League Soccer team (Sporting Kansas City) and a number of professional and college teams in soccer, baseball and even ice hockey. Here are the most popular sports and resulting betting markets in Kansas:

Soccer – Sporting Kansas City

Based in Kansas City, Sporting Kansas City, or Sporting KC for short, is an MLS team that now competes in the Western Conference. They are the first and only major professional league sports franchise to represent the state. Sporting KC has made Kansas proud with two titles in the MLS Cup, one Supporter’s Shield, and four titles in the U.S. Open Cup.

Baseball – Kansas City T-Bones

The T-Bones are Kansas’s foremost baseball team, and also based in Kansas City. While not affiliated with MLB, they are a member of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball. They boasted an impressive 62 wins in their 2018 season, under manager Joe Calfapietra.

Hockey – Kansas City Mavericks

The Kansas City Mavericks are a small but successful hockey team playing out of the southern part of the state. Despit there small reputation and relatively small following, the team have reaped a lot of popularity from the states sport fans. They have attracted large scale investment in recent years allowing them to maintain their status in the division and push on the challenge for more silverware.

Football – Jayhawks

The Kansas Jayhawks represent one of the biggest university’s in the state. Their athletics program is truly one of the highest order and they have successfully cemented themselves into the heart of the top NCAA division. With a massive win record and huge stadium to motivate these players, it is one of the states focal points in sport.

Local History of Sports Betting

Despite the openness to casino gambling, sports betting in Kansas has generally been illegal. However, with the introduction of Daily Fantasy in 2015, the striking down of PASPA by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2018, and a new bill currently in Kansas legislature, it seems legalized sports betting could soon come to the state.

Kansas Sports Betting History
1986 The state-run Kansas Lottery is launched.
1986 Betting on horse and dog races is legalized.
1995 Native American tribes are allowed to build casinos.
2007 The Kansas Expanded Lottery Act allows for state-run casino resorts.
2015 Daily Fantasy is legalized with the signing of a bill by Gov. Sam Brownback.
2019 HB 2068 proposes legalization of sports betting. It is currently being considered by Kansas legislature.

Legal Online Sports Betting Age in Kansas

As online sports betting is not yet legal in Kansas, we cannot say for certain what the legal age will be when it is introduced. However, it seems likely to follow the state’s rules for alcohol consumption, where the minimum age is 21 years old. More time is necessary to see what the Kansas legislature and agencies for gaming will decide on this front.

  • Sports Betting Age
    There is currently no age, as there is no legal sports gambling in Kansas.
  • Alcohol Age
    The legal drinking age is 21 in Kansas.
  • Weed Age
    There is currently no age, as there is no legal marijuana usage in Kansas.

After a federal ruling strictly prohibited any form on online sports betting in the U.S. in 2006, many states rallied against it, notably New Jersey and Delaware. However, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down PASPA in 2018, paving the way for all states to introduce new sports betting laws. Kansas seems to be following suit after Montana and Indiana, having introduced several proposals to update gambling laws since 2018. For those states where it is legal, you must access online betting from within the state — it would not be legal from within Kansas.

Taxes on Your Winnings: Do You Have to Pay Anything?

We cannot say for certain what Kansas will decide about taxing online betting winnings, since it is not yet legal. But it is likely to follow trends in the U.S. and Europe, where most countries implement 5% duty on winnings, no matter the amount. These earnings can go towards funding projects in the state, which is an attractive proposition for lawmakers. It remains to be seen what the legislature will decide, but the Kansas Department of Revenue may provide further information when the time comes.

Upcoming Regulation Changes in Kansas Sports Betting Law

Lawmakers in Kansas seem to be paying attention to gambling trends throughout the U.S.: now that PASPA has been federally overruled, many states are considering new laws to allow sports betting. More information on Kansas gambling can be found throughout our site. Kansas is currently considering HB 2068, sponsored by the Committee on Federal and State Affairs, which proposes to create the “Kansas sports wagering act” and add sports betting to the currently accepted forms of gambling in the area.

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