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Online Lotto in Maryland
US Powerball Illegal
Megamillions Illegal
Keno Illegal
Bonus Match 5 Illegal

Maryland has an extensive lotto system, with inclusion in Mega Millions, Powerball, Keno and numerous other draws and scratch tickets. As technology and gaming have evolved, the state has attempted to keep up by offering video lottery terminals in 2007. It now offers some online play as well, in the form of subscriptions only. Individual online tickets cannot be legally purchased at this time in Maryland.

Maryland is unique in that it is one of just five states that offers online lotto, but only on a subscription basis. Individual tickets are not available for purchase yet, though we will update this guide as this changes. At the moment, the state of Maryland offers subscriptions for Mega Millions, Powerball, Cash4Life and Multi-Match draws through its official lottery site.

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Legal Online Lotteries Available in Maryland

What sets the Maryland state apart from many other states with lotteries is that it offers in-person play and online subscriptions. That means, residents can buy into online draws for popular lottos like Powerball, Mega Millions and Lucky for Life, but only with a subscription option; individual tickets are not yet available. Perhaps the state will expand its offerings soon. We will update this page as any changes to Maryland’s lotto laws occur.

Here are the most popular online lotteries you can play from Maryland:

US Powerball – Make Your $40 Million (or more!)

One of the subscription draws offered by Maryland is US Powerball. Players are competing for minimum $40 million across 21 states and drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday evening. However, it wasn’t until 2016 when three lucky winners , when split a huge $1.586 billion jackpot win.

Mega Millions

Maryland residents can also subscribe to Mega Millions draws. This lotto is available in the U.S. Virgin Islands, 44 other states, and the District of Columbia. Its drawings occur on Tuesday and Friday evenings, and the minimum prize it offers is $40 million. Back in 2018 a winning jackpot of $1.537 billion was won by one very lucky Mega Millions player.

Keno – Pick Twenty!

Keno started as a lotto-like game offered within casinos, and has expanded to some states, including Maryland, where it can be played online with a subscription. Players choose between 1 to 15 numbers on a card with 80 numbers on it, and then 20 winning numbers are chosen. Payouts differ depending on the number of bets made and total matches.

Lottery Regulator in Maryland

The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency was founded in 1973 and has since overseen gambling in the state, with the aim of providing revenue to worthwhile civic projects. Since its inception, it has generated more than $16 billion for projects in Maryland, and over $25.6 billion in winnings for players.

History of Maryland Lottery

One of the oldest states, Maryland has a long history with gambling — both in legalization and prohibition. It’s now one of the more liberal states when it comes to gaming laws, with an avid lotto scene, plus much interest in online sports betting — possibly a sign of positive advances to come. Maryland currently offers online lotto as subscription-based draws.

Maryland Lotto History
1791 Maryland’s first lottos begin in the form of charity betting conducted by church groups.
1834 What started as a good cause eventually goes sour: the state passes laws to stop betting licenses in an attempt to curb rampant corruption in the industry.
1973 Maryland voters approve a constitutional amendment in 1972 and state lotto starts the following year.
2007 Lawmakers pass a bill to allow for thousands of video lottery terminals to appear throughout casinos in the state, paving the way for new gaming technology and online betting.
2011 The US Department of Justice reinterprets the Federal Wire Act to allow for various types of online gambling, including sports betting and online lotto. Maryland soon follows suit, initiating online subscription draws.
2012 A Maryland player wins part of a $656 million jackpot, which was, at the time, the largest jackpot in the country’s history.

Famous Winners – Merry in Maryland

In 2012, Maryland lottery made history when one of its players was one of the lucky three to split a $656 million jackpot, then the biggest in America’s history. The winner opted to stay anonymous and cashed in their share, roughly $218.6 million before taxes. Though not much else about the winner is known, the draw was through Mega Millions.

Online Lotto Legal Age in Maryland

Maryland has legalized online subscription lottery play for all residents 21 years and older. Those wishing to play, however, must register for an online account to verify the meet the age requirement. This is something that is mandatory for all players which wish to participate in any kind of online gambling activity.

  • Lottery Age
    The legal online lotto age is 21 in Illinois.
  • Alcohol Age
    The legal drinking age is 21 in Illinois.
  • Weed Age
    If you are 21 years of age and medically licensed, you can legally smoke marijuana in Maryland.

Maryland is unique in that it is one of the few states that offers online subscription lotto play. However, if you’re a fan looking for more options in the form of fully legalized gambling, maybe the state of Kentucky might inspire your interest. However, you should be aware of certain restrictions within those areas. This is applicable mostly to collecting earnings out-of-state and you can find out more on page for online gambling in the USA, which looks at the lotto more in-depth.

The Best Lottery Mobile App

Getting more and more preferred, mobile apps make it convenient to check what you’ve one directly from the comfort of your phone. Although there are no individual lotto prize draws at the state of Maryland, there are subscription packages available to residents and three apps that can help you with your lotto gaming adventures. The Maryland Lottery App is available for checking winning numbers and scanning your tickets. MyLottery Rewards allows users to redeem points for drawings and prizes. Lastly, the Keno&Racetrax App is a fun way to follow Keno games on the go!

Online Lottery Promotions to Take Advantage Of

There are often promotions available to players in states where online lotto is legal. These include daily spins, sign up bonuses and more, and can even improve your odds when playing lotto games online. There are currently no major promotions for online lotto in Maryland, but we will update the page as this changes.

How to Choose the Best Lottery Promotion in Maryland

Taxes on Lotto Winnings in Maryland

The IRS considers lotto earnings taxable income and will collect accordingly. This applies to Maine’s regular, state-run lotto, though further taxes are determined individually by the states. At the moment, the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency withholds Federal taxes and State taxes on winnings of more than $5,000, with a rate of 8.75% on a resident’s winnings and 7% for nonresidents. This also applies to online winnings.

Upcoming Regulation Changes for Online Lottery

Though Maryland does offer some online lottery, fans of convenient online and mobile game play may be left wanting more by way of individual ticket sales and special promotions. Perhaps the state will push for a more expansive online lotto system in the common years, as it becomes more commonplace across the nation, with states like Kentucky and Michigan offering a huge range of options for their residents with much revenue and success.

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