Guide to Online Gambling in Minnesota: The Best Minnesota Gambling Sites for 2021

Gambling in Minnesota
Sports Will Be Legal: TBD
Daily Fantasy Legal Since: 2019
Casino Will Be Legal: TBD
Poker Will Be Legal: TBD
Lottery Will Be Legal: TBD

Minnesota Daily Fantasy Sports

The only online gaming option that Minnesotans have is daily fantasy sports (DFS). Even the future of daily fantasy sports hangs in the balance after a bill to designate DFS as a game of skill was shot down in April 2018. As many residents know, cash prizes can only be awarded for games of skill and are illegal if given as prizes for casino/gambling games. Currently there is no ruling on the legality of daily fantasy betting in Minnesota, so residents may access the following daily fantasy sites.

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Gambling Laws in Minnesota

There are four main categories of legal gambling in the great state of Minnesota. These categories include: charitable gambling (raffles, bingo), the Minnesota Lottery, pari-mutuel betting on horse racing, and tribal gaming. Residents of the state can play card games like poker, but these must be played for small stakes or social bets among friends. In 1993 Tribal casinos were given the right to offer blackjack to players. Slot machines have been outlawed in the sate of MN since 1947. If you’re looking for a way to gamble online in Minnesota, then you’re out of luck. Currently, all forms of online gambling are illegal in the state. There are some sites that will offer online casinos to Minnesotans, but we strongly suggest you avoid these sites. If you choose to play DFS in another state, for example, maybe a good idea is to try the fantasy sports in Nebraska. The official MN government website states that it is “a crime to participate” in any games at an online casino.

Sports Betting in Minnesota

Similar to online casinos, online sports betting and sports betting in general is illegal in Minnesota. Sports gambling is also illegal at any of the state’s Indian casinos. Because of the state law, you will not find any Minnesota online sports betting sites. The 2018 U.S Supreme Court decision has given states the power to decide whether they will legalize the activity. Fans seem positive that sports betting will get legalized in Minnesota sooner rather than later, and legislation has already been drafted for the Minnesota Senate to take up in 2019. GOP Sen. Roger Chamberlain stated that he “think[s] there’s positive support for it.” We will update this section of the page in case there are changes. Meanwhile, you can take a look at our guide for Minnesota sports betting.

Online Casino Gambling in Minnesota

Although the North Star State is warming up to the idea of sports betting, a state government website dealing with the legality of gambling within MN, declares that “online sports betting and online casinos in Minnesota that take your money and offer prizes via the web are illegal in the state.” The industry is not regulated, and there is no player protection. Players who engage in the illegal activity have no legal recourse if the online operator does not pay out a player’s winnings. Currently there are no legal Minnesota online casinos.

Online Poker in Minnesota

Online poker is illegal just like online casino games, however the outlook is a bit more positive than that of other casino games. In the Minnesota constitution, it is accepted that poker requires a bit more skill than games like slots. Nevertheless, online poker in Minnesota is still banned for the immediate future.

Online Lottery Sites in Minnesota

Minnesota lottery was established with the mission to raise money for programs that impact the lives of residents in a positive way. Because these games of chance are officially regulated, the Minnesota Lottery is completely safe and secure. Since 1990 the state has raised $2.9 billion from the Lotto to help Minnesotans. At this time, there are no online operators that facilitate the Minnesota Lottery. If you’d like to play, you should hop over to the official website of the Minnesota Lottery, that gives a comprehensive view of all the various types of lottery games in MN and how to play them. However, if you wish to know more from our personal observations on the matter, make sure to check our Minnesota lottery page.

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History of Gambling in Minnesota

Minnesota introduced its first official gambling regulations in 1945. The law established the legality of five charitable forms of lawful gambling. Pull-tabs, Bingo, Paddlewheels and Tip boards are all legal in MN when conducted by a licensed charitable organization or non-profit under the supervision of Minnesota’s Gambling Control Board.

In 1947, slot machines were outlawed and have remained outlawed ever since. The 1989 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was passed by the Federal Government. Tribal casinos have since gained the right to offer their players blackjack within the state. 2012 saw Minnesota step into the digital age when it began allowing electronic pull-tab games inside football stadiums.

Minnesota Gambling History
1945 Stat’s first gambling laws establish five legal forms of charitable gambling.
1947 Governor Luther Youngdahl outlaws slot games.
1972 Minnesota State Lottery is established. Now there are multiple types of lotteries in MN.
1981 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 opens the door to gambling on reservations in MN territory.
2000 Minnesota begins regulating poker card rooms.
Present Members of the state and its government remain divided on the issue of online gambling.

Minnesota State Facts

Chances are, if you’ve come to this page, you are either visiting Minnesota or reside in the state. If you aren’t familiar with Minnesota, you can find some basic facts below, that will help you situate the state within the larger American context.

Facts About Minnesota
Population 5,628,162
Min. Income/month $1,709.07
Biggest Offline Gambling Location Grand Casino Hinckley
Gambling Commissioner Minnesota Gambling Control Board
Spoken Languages English 90.4%, Spanish 3.4%, Other 6.2%
Biggest Local Sports Team
Minnesota Tax Authority
Link to the State Law
Gambling Winning Tax 6.25%
State Website Link
Famous Local Gamblers Blake Bohn

Gambling Age in Minnesota

Within Minnesota, a person may participate in all forms of lawful gambling if they are 18 years old or more. This includes the games of pull-tabs, tipboards, paddlewheel, or raffles. It is a misdemeanor offense if a gambling organization allows younger players to participate in these games.

  • Online Gambling Age:
    The legal gambling age in the state of Minnesota is 18+
  • Alcohol Age
    21 is the legal drinking age in the state
  • Weed Age
    Currently marijuana can only be consumed for certain medical reasons.

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

Problem gambling is a serious issue for lots of people. For this reason, Minnesota takes responsibly gaming seriously. The body tasked with helping problem gamblers is the National Council on Problem Gambling. If you follow the provided link, you can find the numbers for problem gambling helplines, state specific resources, screening tools, and self-help resources.

Upcoming Regulation and Expected Changes

At this moment, with focus on online gambling in the US, we expect no changes to the online gambling laws of Minnesota. However, the state legislature is scheduled to look at a sports betting bill in the first half of 2019, which may open the door for legal sports betting in MN. Only time will tell if this ruling will allow online sports bookies to operate in Minnesota

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