Online Gambling in South Dakota: The Best South Dakota Gambling Sites for 2021

Gambling in South Dakota
Sports Illegal
Daily Fantasy Legal Since: 2019
Casino Illegal
Poker Illegal
Lottery Illegal

South Dakota Daily Fantasy

Like many states in the US, Daily Fantasy Sports games exist in something of a gray area in South Dakota. Though not officially legal, Attorney General Marty Jackley has assured that players will not be penalized for partaking in the games. Therefore, without any fear of punishment, you can check our page about South Dakota daily fantasy betting opportunities. Such, by the way are also granted to you by other states and the first example that we can come out with is Oregon daily fantasy.

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Gambling Laws in South Dakota

South Dakota has an interesting, if somewhat confusing, relationship with gambling. For starters, there are ample land-based gambling options for prospective players. Betting on horse races is available via both track and simulcast, and there are a number of brick-and-mortar casinos dotted throughout the state that one can visit. While these casinos are permitted to host blackjack, poker and slot games, the law prevents them from hosting games of roulette, craps, keno and some other games. Certain bars are also permitted to host small stakes games, where maximum bets can run up to $50. The prevalence of gambling in the state can be traced all the way back to the gold rush of the mid-19th Century.

Despite this long history of gambling and the prevalence of gambling options, all forms of online gambling remain strictly illegal. While other laws governing gambling have loosened over time, regulations over online gambling remain firm and show no signs of changing any time soon.

South Dakota Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the few forms of gambling which are completely outlawed in South Dakota. Although there was talk of the issue being brought to the state’s 2020 ballot, this was recently turned down by the South Dakota House State Affairs Committee. Executive Director of the Deadwood Gaming Association, Mike Rodman, is determined to have the bill approved and he, along with other backers, will be gathering signatures to have the bill placed on the ballot. Stay tuned for any updates which you can find on the page dedicated to South Dakota sports betting.

South Dakota Casinos

There are plenty of casinos to choose from across the state of South Dakota. Thanks to its historical importance as a goldmining town, Deadwood is home to the bulk of the state’s gambling institutions. There are also a number of tribal casinos to choose from. However, online casinos remain illegal in South Dakota and there is no talk of this being amended any time soon. For more information on the matter, you can also check our guide for casinos in South Dakota!

South Dakota Poker

Poker fans in South Dakota can take their pick of casinos and even some bars and clubs when it comes to playing their game of choice. Sadly, however, online players will be left out of the fun. Online poker remains strictly prohibited in South Dakota, and there are no expected changes to legislation.

South Dakota Lottery

For a state that has maintained a fairly relaxed attitude towards gambling for well over a century, South Dakota was surprisingly late in regulating lotteries and founding an official state lottery. 1986 saw laws prohibiting lotteries reworked and the following year saw the establishment of the state lotto. That said, the purchase of South Dakota lottery tickets online and the playing of online lotto games remains illegal in the state.

History of Gambling in South Dakota

As mentioned previously, the history of gambling in South Dakota can be traced all the way back to the rough and ready days of the goldrush. However, it wasn’t until the later decades of the 20th Century that many of the state’s gambling regulations were brought into effect.

South Dakota Gambling History
1986 Strict regulations on lotteries are reworked, allowing for a state lotto.
1987 The South Dakota lottery is officially founded.
1987 The Charitable Gaming Bill passes, allowing for bingo games in aid of good causes.
1989 The first regulated casinos open their doors.
1990 The introduction of racing simulcasts allows for off-track betting.
1993 The first tribal casinos open in the state.
2012 The maximum stake in casinos is raised to $1,000.

South Dakota State Facts

South Dakota is home to one of the smallest populations of any US state and is also one of the least densely populated states. It officially became a state in 1889 and is named after the Lakota and Dakota Sioux tribes. It was a site of great activity in the late 19th Century when, thanks to the goldrush, European settlers arrived in droves.

Facts About South Dakota
Population 882,235
Min. Income $1,577.33
Biggest Offline Gambling Location Royal River Casino & Hotel
Gambling Commissioner South Dakota Commission on Gaming
Spoken Languages English, Spanish, German, Dakota
Biggest Local Sports Team
South Dakota Tax Authority
Link to the State Law
Gambling Winning Tax 9%
State Website Link
Famous Local Gamblers Wild Bill Hickok

Gambling Age in South Dakota

As with many states in the US, South Dakota has two legal ages for gambling which relate to different forms of gambling. To place bets on live horse and dog races or simulcasts, you must be aged 18 or over. To play in any of the casinos in Deadwood or any of the tribal casinos, players must be aged 21 or older.

  • Online Gambling Age:
    As online gambling is illegal in South Dakota, there is no legal age to gamble online.
  • Alcohol Age
    The legal age for purchasing and consuming alochol in South Dakota is 21-years-old.
  • Weed Age
    All use and possession of marijuana is illegal in South Dakota.

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

For players in South Dakota who find themselves struggling with their gambling habits, there are a few options for getting help. The main state resource is the South Dakota Department of Social Service, which oversees all addiction services and treatments in the state. Alternatively, South Dakotans can contact the national problem gambling helpline on 1-800-522-4700.

Upcoming Regulation and Expected Changes

To date, there isn’t a great deal of change on the horizon. Though the latest bill to legalize sports betting was defeated by the South Dakota House State Affairs Committee, there are ongoing efforts to bring the bill to the ballot. However, the future of sports betting in the state remains uncertain. Be sure to check back to this page regularly for all updates on gambling laws in South Dakota. You should also read our comprehensive review about the gambling opportunities for US players if you want to find out more!

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