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Online Lottery in Minnesota
Draw Games Legal Since: 1990
Instant Games Legal Since: 1990
Fast Play Games Legal Since: 1990
Keno Legal
Virtual Sports Will Be Legal: TBD

The US has very tight and strict regulations applied to online gambling and gambling in all its forms. As you probably know, each state has a different approach to that matter. The Minnesota lottery online does not exists yet, and currently, any online gambling is against the law. Yes, but thanks to Minnesota Jackpocket you can online. This is a platform where you can order someone to go and buy physical lottery tickets instead of you.

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Available Minnesota State Lottery Games

Lotteries are very popular in the USA since the 17th century, when they were used for funding large social and infrastructure projects like roads or churches. Well, nowadays the government uses taxes for that, and lotteries are entirely for fun – and of course, for a life change. In the state of Minnesota, there are plenty of lottery variations nowadays. Here is a list of the main Minnesota state lottery activities:

From this moment onwards, we will start reviewing each Minnesota lottery games separately. For the past few decades, lottery games have evolved, and right now they provide a large variety of games like the ones written in the table above. Obviously, draw games are one of the very first widely-known kinds of lottery, and for that reason, we will start with them. If you would like to see a complete list of the gambling activities you can participate in the state, then refer to our Minnesota online gambling guide.

Minnesota Lottery Draw Games

Number draws are one of the first and most popular forms of lottery. The way they work is super simple, you buy tickets and choose numbers. There are plenty of Minnesota draw games that you can join anytime. Bear in mind that the jackpots of some of these Minnesota lotteries often go beyond $200,000,000!

  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • Lucky for Life
  • Lotty America
  • Northstar Cash
  • Daily 3
  • Gopher 5

Of course, you will find games with smaller prizes like a daily drop of $1,000 or something similar at the Minnesota State Lottery. The number draws themselves are listed on the Minnesota lottery website with their exact time and date. You can choose to play for a bigger prize with a slim chance of winning or you can aim at smaller prizes where the odds are better.

Minnesota Instant Lottery Games – Scratchcards & Others

Scratch cards are maybe the most popular variation of lottery games nowadays. As you can see, the list of them is quite large and it contains over 30 diverse options. They all work the same way. You purchase them, scratch them and check if you have won something

  • 2021 Crossword
  • X-treme Bingo
  • $200,000 Crossword
  • Mystery Prize Crossword
  • Holly Jolly Jackpot
  • Holliday Tripler
  • Full of $500s Holiday Edition
  • $13,000,000 Holiday Blowout
  • 777
  • Sweet Fortune
  • 5x Crossword
  • Find the 9s
  • Viking Gameday
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Four Corners Crossword
  • Happy Go Lucky Lines
  • I Takes 2
  • $100,000 Luck
  • Minnesota
  • Late Night Crossword
  • 500x
  • Happy Camper
  • Toad-ally Awesome Crossword
  • Big Money Maker
  • Wild Wins
  • Slingo
  • $500,000 Riches
  • Backwards Crossword
  • Loaded
  • Tetris
  • Wild $10
  • Mayan Fortunes
  • Bonus Spot Bingo
  • $50,000 Extreme Cash
  • Emerald Green 7s
  • Double Win
  • Xtreme Cash
  • Bonus Crossword
  • Cash
  • Cash
  • Cash
  • $50,000 Riches

Some of them combine both small and large prizes, but there are also such with only big-time wins. Which one you choose depends entirely on your personal preferences regarding the design and the amount of money you aim to spend and win. As you can guess, bigger prizes mean more expensive scratchcards.

Minnesota Fast Play Lottery Games

The fast-play games are another type of lottery with progressive jackpot, and it is also quite popular in Minnesota. With different kinds of tickets, you are playing for a different percentage of the jackpot. The more expensive the ticket is, the larger the portion is. The Minnesota lottery of this kind offers the following types of tickets:

  • Print-N-Play $1 Crossword
  • Print-N-Play $3 Crossword
  • Print-N-Play $5 Crossword
  • Print-N-Play $1 Slots
  • Print-N-Play $3 Slots
  • Print-N-Play $5 Slots
  • Print-N-Play $1 Bingo
  • Print-N-Play $3 Bingo
  • Print-N-Play $5 Bingo

As you can probably guess, the $1 tickets deliver 20% of the overall jackpot, $3 bring 60%, while the $5 lets you play 100% or the whole jackpot. This type of Minnesota lottery works with a progressive jackpot or explained otherwise until someone hits it. The jackpot starts piling up again until someone wins it again.

Minnesota Keno Games

Keno and ordinary lottery games are very alike, with several small but key differences. They are both number drafts, but you can distinguish them by the numbers on which you can bet. On Keno, they are 80, while on standard lottery games they are more, and sometimes there are other extra bonus numbers which make your chances even slimmer.

Another difference is the fact that Keno is usually offered in either land-based or online casinos. Also, the jackpots are significantly lower compared with Mega Millions, for example. Keno is not listed with the Minnesota online lottery, but you can play draw games which have a lower odds, but bigger prizes.

Virtual Sports Betting in Minnesota

We mentioned earlier that US laws are quite harsh and strict towards all types of gambling. Online gambling is still illegal in the state of Minnesota, no matter casinos or betting. There are plenty of land-based casinos in the state where you can go gamble, but there are no legal online casinos.

As you may know, in Minnesota, there are two horse racing tracks, and recently they were allowed to provide sports betting services, but again not online, only on-site. We presume that soon enough Minnesota will join the rest of the legal free gambling states whose number is increasing every year.

Minnesotta State Lottery Odds

It is always best to know the odds before you start betting, and that applies to any gambling game, including the Minnesota State Lottery. On the table below, you will find the most commonly played lottery games in Minnesota and their odds. Have in mind that some provide a diverse selection of tickets with prices from $1 up to $50, odds also vary.

Best Odds Minnesota Lottery Games:

Minnesota Lottery Game Odds
Powerball 1 in 24.9
Mega Millions 1 in 24
Lucky For Life 1 in 7.8
Lotty America 1 in 9.63
Northstar Cash 1 in 6
Daily 3 1 in 333
Gopher 5 1 in 12
Minnesota Vikings 1 in 100.00-150.50
Minnesota Lottery Game Odds
Print-N-Play $1 Crossword 1 in 280,000
Print-N-Play $3 Crossword 1 in 280,000
Print-N-Play $5 Crossword 1 in 280,000
Full of $500s Holiday Edition 1 in 3.98
Viking Gameday 1 in 17.65-149.93
$100,000 Luck 1 in 2.94
Slingo 1 in 3.73
Emerald Green 7s 1 in 3.96

First, you need to choose what type of Minnesota lottery games you prefer. Then to decide how much you want to spend, our friendly advice is to always set personal limits when you want to gamble. Most people prefer scratching cards because they are quite exciting.

Available Minnesota Lottery Bonus Offer

Getting something additional as a bonus is what every player seeks. As we explained earlier, you can use Jackpocket to purchase real physical tickets without going to the shop yourself. Minnesota lottery is available through the Jackpocket app where you can pick a lottery bonus offer.

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You should know that the platform helps you with the purchase of tickets, but they also have a welcome offer. Please have in mind that land-based location where you can buy such tickets it is unlikely to find any bonus offers. When you install the app and register with the platform, you will get $3 deduction from your first order. It is not much but its something.

Minnesota Lottery No Deposit Bonus

Most people are looking to get as much as possible as complementary funds. They also look for an option to get a couple of dollars without even spending any money as a no deposit bonus. But the good bonus funds are coming with the below-listed referral bonus, check it out.

No Deposit Bonus

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We can confirm that the referral programme of Jackpocket is super nice because it brings $10 credits to you and another $2 to the referrals themselves. You need to send a link through which the person must submit his phone number, get the mobile app and of course, register on the platform.

What Other Promotions Are Available?

Unfortunately, there are no other special offers or any loyalty programme that you can join. Despite that, the referral bonus is super generous, and you get incentives for the person you bring to the platform, the many you get, the better. The application is super useful, and it saves you time, which makes it a perfect fit for any Minnesota lottery fan.

Minnesota Lottery App – Android & iPhone

The enormous technological leap in the last 15-20 years nowadays allows you to access everything through our high tech mobile devices. In the previous decade, everything changed drastically. Thanks to that breakthrough, in 2020, we can use our phones for anything we can imagine. Check now what the Jackpocket offers as functionalities:

  1. Tickets Check
  2. Current Games
  3. Locate Retailers
  4. Follow Drawings Live
  5. Winners Check
  6. Claim Prizes
  7. News and Press Releases

Ever since Minnesota state lottery does not have any dedicated app, you can take advantage of Jackpocket, which in many cases is the better option. Jackpocket is available in the app store of both iSO and Android systems. Bear in mind that you can install it on any Mac or Windows too.

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Have in mind that if you don’t want to install the Jackpocket app, you can play or access it through your browser. We can recommend it on desktop devices. But we can confirm that on mobile phones, the app is better. The navigation and usage of the platform are way more effortless through the app, especially when on mobiles.

Minnesota Online Loterry – Deposits & Withdrawals

When you go into a regular lottery ticket shop, you can usually pay with any of the available methods which in many cases are not that many. This is one of the reasons why you should choose Minnesota online lottery before the land-based equivalent. Online there is a large variety of payment to pick.

PayPal Available

PayPal Available
Get $3 off First Lottery Order

When speaking of Jackpocket, you can choose between all types of payments from the most common Visa and debit cards through standard bank transfers to alternative ways like PayPal. Have in mind that the application has a very well structured FAQ section where you will find super useful information regarding the transactions and their management.

How to Collect Winnings?

This is undoubtedly the most exciting part – the time to collect your winnings. If you win with a regular ticket, you must travel to that shop and declare your win. Meanwhile, if you use Jackpocket, all you need to do is to make a payout request, and the sum will be transferred to your account in several days. This applies to the Minnesota lottery too.

Play Minnesota Lottery Online: How to Set it Up?

Most people choose to play Minnesota lottery online because it is safe, easy, and fun. Even people who are not familiar with the latest technologies can easily navigate through the lottery sites and apps to buy a ticket. Some of the extra perks of playing lotto games online are that you don’t need to go to the store, and the operators create presents and surprises for their registered players. Here are the basic steps of playing lottery online:

How to Play Minnesota Lottery Online

Playing the Minnesota lottery online is easy with native apps and the licensed online gambling sites.
Step 1
Find MN Lotto App
All Minnesota lottery games are available online. Get the app from Android or iOS, or play at licensed gambling sites.
Step 2
Choose a Lottery Game
Fill in a ticket for the Minnesota lotteries Powerball, Mega Millions, Northstar Cash, Lotto America, Chopper 5, and Daily 3.
Step 3
Deposit & Play
The lottery in MN is a real money game, so you will need to make a deposit if you want to win real cash prizes.
Step 4
Check Draw Results
All Minnesota lottery draws take place at a specific time. After this hour, players can find out if they win the jackpot or another prize.
Step 5
Claim Your Prize
Minnesota lottery winners can claim a prize of up to $50,000 via mail. Prizes over $50,000 are claimed after a conversation with lottery representatives via phone or in person.

All lottery games in Minnesota have special hours when they are drawn. When you have a lotto app, there is no need to sit by the TV and wait for the draw because the draw results are published right away. Besides this, the operators have a seasonal, holiday, or special Minnesota lottery games and promos, which are not available at the stores. Follow the steps above and remember to check the credentials of the gambling site and app to be sure they are legit.

Minnesota Lottery Laws

Gambling and Lotteries became popular in Minnesota relatively late. Casinos appeared in 1984, while the first official Minnesota state lottery was released in 1988. It is important to know that back then, and now the majority of all gambling establishments are Native Americans with a few exceptions, of course.

Up to this date, online gambling of any types including online lotteries are restricted by the laws, but you can use Jackpocket so someone can go and buy the tickets instead of you. Since many of the United States of America already changed their policy towards online gambling, we expect Minnesota soon to legislate online activities, including Minnesota online lottery.

Minnesota Online Lottery Gambling Age

In the state of Minnesota, you must be 18+ if you want to play the lottery or gamble in a casino or a racetrack. Don’t forget that if you are under 18, you can still visit racetracks but only to watch the races. The law strictly restricts anyone under that age to play or participate in any kind of gambling or lottery in Minnesota.

On the table below, you will see the Minnesota laws are harsh towards alcohol use as it is in all United States of America. When speaking of weed, the state is in the middle zone where medical usage is approved but re-creational not yet. In the next decade, we expect both the Minnesota online lottery and gambling policy and the weed one to change.

  • Online Lottery Age
    To buy online lottery tickets, you need to be at least 18 years old
  • Alcohol Age
    As if most of the US, you must be 21+ to drink alcohol
  • Weed Age
    It is legal only for medical purposes

Taxes on Your Winnings: Do You Have to Pay Anything?

If you hit any big win, you should know that it will be subject of local and federal taxes. In total 31.25% of the sum will be upheld as a tax, 24% federal and 7.25% local taxes. This applies to all types of Minnesota lottery and gambling in general. Just in case, we advise you to check the official Minnesota lottery website where you will find everything you need to know about its rules, taxation and other important details related to the games and the lottery terms.

History of Minnesota Lottery

The Minnesota constitution prohibited all gambling, including lotteries in 1857. Gambling remained illegal until 1945. Over the next forty years, certain forms of gambling were legalized across the state, but lotteries remained illegal until 1988. As we explained earlier, everything changed in the decade of 1980-1990, now its time to check the timeline.

Minnesota Lotto History
1607 The very first American colony is established in Jamestown, Virginia. Gambling is brought to America with the colonies and spreads as a popular past time and source of revenue. Jamestown uses lotteries to finance their colony. Soon all 13 of the first colonies are using lotteries for income
1857 The Minnesota Constitution is created, and within the document, a prohibition on all lotteries is included.
1890 The lottery is only available to play in Kentucky, Missouri, Delaware and Louisiana. Congress bans the mailing of lottery tickets.
1894 Louisiana lottery is abolished, Congress passes a law against lottery tickets passing state lines. It is discovered that a crime syndicate had been running a lottery, causing fear that all lotteries were fraudulent.
1930 With the increase of legalized gambling across many states, opinions were softening in regard to lotteries, but there was still a fear of fraud amongst the public.
1945 The legislature is passed to allow charity bingo events – the first form of legalized gambling in Minnesota.
1957 A bill is passed to include a sales tax on bingo, the state of Minnesota makes its first revenue from gambling.
1988 Lottery amendment put on a ballot, the bill declares that half of the revenue to go to an environmental trust fund and the other half to go to Greater Minnesota Corporation. Bill is voted on and approved in November.
1990 State lottery begins sales in April. Revenue distribution is amended to give 25 per cent to the infrastructure of the state.
1992 Minnesota joins the multi-jurisdictional lottery game Powerball.
2010 Minnesota joins the game Mega Millions. They were allowing residents to compete against other states in an attempt to win the jackpot.

Famous Winners – Big Time Lottery Winners

There are many lottery winners in Minnesota every day. On the Minnesota lottery website, you can see that almost every day they distribute some winnings. The most common prizes are up to $100,000, quite often you will see even $200,000 winners. Of course, for the last few years, around ten prizes of $1,000,000 each were given out.

The largest jackpot won in the last several years is $14,265,083 in 2019. In 2011 a Powerball winning ticket of over $228 million was sold in Dakota, but no-one appeared to claim the jackpot. Up to this date it is still a mystery what happened to this ticket.

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

Gambling addiction is very real, and you should not underestimate it. In fact, there are no physical or any evident mental changes in a person’s behaviour. The gambling addiction is super dangerous because it is easy to hide it until you hit rock bottom. When people finally reveal and accept their issues, usually they are already in enormous debt.

Compulsive gambling is expressed in the incapacity to stop playing despite the knowledge that you already lost too much. The hope that you will retrieve everything lost is what pushes you to the edge. Therefore, when you start gambling, you must always set personal limits and never cross them. Also, never gamble to make money, more likely when you do so, you must do it with the idea that the sum could and eventually will be lost.

Is Online Lotto Legal Outside of the State?

More and more states are joining the gambling free policy, but of course, it will take time until the whole USA reaches the official legislation. The NJ lottery online is a shining example that this legal change leads to a better future. You may know that for now, gambling, in general, is restricted in many US states which automatically excludes the possibility of online gambling, but not entirely for online lotteries.

For example, you can purchase online lottery tickets in North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and more. In other states like the case with the Minnesota lottery, you can use the Jackpocket app as an equivalent of the online lotteries. Order how many and what type of tickets you want and someone will buy them for you.

Upcoming Regulation Changes to Be Aware Of

Currently, we don’t know about any upcoming regulation changes in Minnesota, but if we take under consideration the problematic conditions of 2020, we expect such soon. In the nearest future, the official Minnesota lottery should introduce the option to purchase tickets online, but it is not clear yet when it will happen.

The sooner, the better of course, meanwhile you can take advantage of the above mentioned Jackpocket app. Due to the vast business losses for all casinos in 2020, we expect changes in the laws not only in Minnesota but in all United States of America.

Lottery Guides for Nearby States

Frequently Asked Questions About Minnesota Lottery Sites

After this long and full of information Minnesota online lottery article, we presume that you will have some additional questions. Therefore, to make your life easier, we gathered the most frequently asked questions about the Minnesota lottery. If you want to read the extended version of the answer you seek for, just hit the jump button.

🌐 Where can I play Minnesota lottery online?

From a legal perspective, the truth is that Minnesota online lottery does not exist because it counts as an illegal activity. Yes, but there is an existing traditional Minnesota lottery so that you can buy physical tickets. In additional you can use the Minnesota Jackpocket lottery app where you can order someone to buy tickets instead of you.

ℹ️ What's the Minnesota lottery official site?

The Minnesota lottery exists the way we know it today since 1988. Of course, after the massive digitalization in the last 20 years, they also created an official Minnesota lottery website where you can find everything about their tickets, prices, draws and other important details. Be advised that at this moment, you cannot purchase lottery tickets directly from their website.

📱 Is there a Minnesota lottery app for Android or iPhone?

Minnesota lottery does not offer any mobile or desktop app to assist you in purchasing online tickets. There is an app compatible with iOS and Android, where you can order someone to acquire the physical Minnesota lottery tickets instead of you. The app is absolutely legal, and you can use it anytime and anywhere in Minnesota.

💰 Where can I find the Minnesota lottery bonus code?

The Minnesota lottery does not offer any bonus codes but you can find diverse bonus promotions at the online ticket purchase platform called Jackpocket. This is the only way to get any lottery tickets online in the state of Minnesota. It is safe to use it and super convenient if you don't want to get out of your home.

📈 What Minnesota lottery game has the best odds?

There are plenty of Minnesota lottery games. You will find games of all sorts from the traditional draws to crosswords, scratch cards and many other. The truth is that the Minnesota lottery games odds are different for each game. Some are similar but not exactly the same, click on the jump to learn more about them.

🛡️ Is the Minnesota lottery legit and safe?

The answer is yes! The changes in the Minnesota lottery laws in 1988 totally permitted all lottery games on the territory of the state. You may know that long before gambling was legal in the state of Minnesota, but thanks to some misused prize funds it was prohibited in the late years of the 1960-1970 decade.

🎫 Can you buy lottery tickets online in Minnesota?

Yes, you can! You can play online lottery through the Jackpocket lottery application that you can either use on your phone or your desktop computer. It appears to be the only way to obtain Minnesota lottery tickets online. More information about the tickets themselves you can find on the official Minnesota lottery website, but you cannot order any there.

🎲 Are there any Minnesota lottery instant games secrets?

We cannot say that there are any secrets, but we can definitely state that there are many instant scratchcards that could surprise you. The prices vary between $1 and $50, while the prices go up to $200,000. Instant games hide many secrets but only positive ones, which we will leave you to discover.

💻 How to check Minnesota lottery tickets online?

You need to visit the official Minnesota lottery website and then to find the type of lottery tickets you want. Then you need just to look around on the page, and you will spot it right away. Have in mind that in order to purchase or collect any lottery prizes you need to be at least 18+ years old because there is a Minnesota age restrictions.

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