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Online Casinos in Texas
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The Lone Star state has a long and tumultuous history with gambling, but what’s the current status of Texas online casinos? With one of the largest populations out of any state in the nation, and a local economy that is home to 54 Fortune 500 companies, commercial casinos are desperate to establish an online network within the potentially lucrative market. But there are many obstacles to overcome before that will be possible. We look into more details throughout this review, explaining the very unique political dynamic in Texas, the historical milestones, and the culture of gambling that goes back several centuries.

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Available Casino Games in Texas

In Texas there are several options for users to play online casino. Firstly, although the law of the Lone Star State prohibits local vendors establishing their own online platforms – residents across the entire country can access “off-shore” casinos. These are particularly handy if you live a long way from the tribal lands where fully licensed brick and mortar casino locations have been established. To play online in Texas is outside the remits of Texas law, it is unregulated, but you won’t be breaking any specific law. The games below are fully accessible at a network of online casinos located around the United States and abroad.

  • Roulette: play online with “off-shore” vendors, or head to tribal owned casinos.
  • Blackjack: you can enjoy America’s favorite card game in the reservation casinos.
  • Craps: a classic game where you can roll the dice and try your luck.
  • Texas Hold ‘em: the classic poker game is playable at the reservations or “off-shore” online platforms.
  • Baccarat: the popular casino game can be enjoyed in multiple locations and at online casinos.

Biggest State Land-Based Casinos

The land-based casino industry in Texas is limited to the tribal reservations, as the state have not allowed commercial interests to compete against them. With this monopoly over the casino market, the Texan gambling economy is thriving relative to many neighboring territory’s. With such a huge population, a strong economy, and many active ports of interest – the tribal reservations see plenty of gamblers cross into their lands to gamble huge sums of money throughout the year. Below you can see the top five locations for enjoying the real-life casino experience in the Lone Star State.

  1. River City Game Lounge: 6565 Babcock Rd #24, San Antonio, TX 78249
  2. OK Gameroom: 205 W 42nd St, Odessa, TX 79764
  3. Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel: 794 Lucky Eagle Dr, Eagle Pass, TX 78852
  4. Prime Social Poker Room: 7801 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77063
  5. Grinders Social Club: 17774 Cypress Rosehill Rd suite #1300, Cypress, TX 77429

History of Casino Gambling in Texas

Texas is a state that is steeped in tradition, evident when taking a closer look at their gambling laws. Until the late 20th century, gambling in Texas was completely illegal, similar to many other neighboring state back at in that period. But as time has passed, business interests have begun to place pressure on state lawmakers to relax these restrictions, and it is happening slowly. Many forms of gambling are legal in the Lone Star State, but opportunities to do so are extremely limited. The law gets very restrictive when it comes to online gaming. Let’s take a look below at the key milestones that have led Texas down the path it is currently on, and look at where gaming  stands within its murky history. The state lags far behind other states that carry numerous legal US gambling sites.

Texas Casino Laws History and Facts
1871 Early settlers in Texas are prohibited from gambling. Card rooms were becoming increasingly popular during these formative years, and in an apparent crackdown from the religious wing of the local government, all such activity is outlawed.
1933 The Lone Star state finally concedes a bit of ground on the issue of gambling. Pari-mutuel betting, that is gambling on an event like horse racing, greyhounds or any contest where the outcome is ordered – money is collected in a pool and then distributed to the winner at calculated odds determined by the amount in the pool.
1971 In a dramatic backtrack on the values that helped gambling creep into society in regulated forms, the Texas legislature outlaws all forms of gambling.
1989 After years of resistance and campaigning from the more liberal minded members of the State Legislature, Texas approves a constitutional amendment that legalizes charitable gambling.
1990’s Several huge casinos are built along the Texan border in neighboring Oklahoma. As laws are less restrictive, Oklahoma is able to tap into the massive market of wealthy gamblers that reside in Texas.

Casino Gambling Age in Texas

Gambling in Texas is restricted to individuals over the age of 21 years. This protection is in place to stop the spread of irresponsible gambling, and protect minors from the devastation of gambling addiction at a young age. In the below sections we explore the legality and age limits of several vices available to Texas residents.

  • Online Casino Age
    Playing at online casinos located in Texas is in violation of the state law. However, many residents play at “off-shore” casinos where the ages limit is 18.
  • Alcohol Age
    Drinking alcohol in Texas is restricted to the same accord as the national age limit. United States residents must be 21 years and older to consume alcohol.
  • Weed Age
    Cannabis in Texas is illegal for recreational use. Even in small quantities (up to two ounces) you can be charged with a class B misdemeanour and sentenced to 180 days in jail.

Responsible Gambling and Addiction Prevention

The state of Texas has not imposed any sweeping gambling legislation yet. In brief periods throughout its history it did seem that gambling would be legalized, but the conditions were never completely right for lawmakers to take that plunge. Unlike many other states where gambling is illegal, Texans have direct access to many casinos right on their border. Oklahoma tribal reservations touch the northern border of the Lone Star State and offer some fantastic venues for gambling. With these licensed and regulated venues offering necessary help for addicted players, and enforcing responsible gaming practices, it is a testament to the good that resides within the industry.

Can I Play Without Deposit?

Playing without a deposit at any online casino is something that is not regularly offered. In Texas, online casinos are illegal, but it is not illegal for a resident to go on their computer and play at the many hundreds of “off-shore” casinos that accept US customers. Within this ecosystem of unregulated casinos you may find some that are willing to offer free trial funds, or no deposit bonuses. But be aware, playing at an operator outside the legislation of your own state carries unique risks of its own.

Upcoming Casino Regulation and Expected Changes

The consensus in Texas is that it is about time to address the issue of millions of dollars flowing across their borders each month into the casinos conveniently located right on the edge of its territory. Due to the lack of many land-based gaming options in Texas many turn their attentions to online casinos. Despite it being illegal to host your own casino in Texas, no specific law exists prohibiting access to them. This state of limbo won’t continue forever, and advancements in the legal framework following the watershed Supreme Court decision in 2018 will certainly lead to a regulated online casino and sports betting industry in Texas. As always, time will tell how and when this will pan out.

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